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  1. Valve's comment was perfect. The blame and anger should have been directed at Epic and rightfully it was. Even Epic later admitted that it was a poor decision. Without Valve's comment, everyone would have been upset just the same.

  2. I thought they said something new. They did nothing wrong. The publisher of Metro exodus and Epic store did a real scummy thing because it was just before launch.

  3. If I didn’t trust IGN opinion enough. then they had to go and let them get sponsored by EA’s newest cash grab. Because ya know who needs integrity.

  4. Click bait title. It wasn’t Valves comment that pissed people off, it was the fact it was made an exclusive and stolen by a shitty company. Was nothing to do with what Valve said.

  5. People weren't upset with valve but at epic games store after valve talked about metro's exclusivity. This lead to some backlash over the exclusivity and therefore caused some people (not sure how many) to boycott the game or spread a movement (not sure how big) to boycott the game.

  6. There was a backlash to that statement? ughm okay…I mean I like dissing on steam and epic every chance I get, but I don't seem why someone would be upset by that comment

  7. I’ll choose epic over steam right now, steam is hot garbage and needs fixing. But I actually don’t care about having 5 game launchers, so I’ll just go to who has the cheapest game usually.

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