25 Drone Racing Tracks in 5 Minutes (And 2019 MultiGP Global Qualifier)

This year was the first year I pursued FPV drone racing and I went all in. I practiced a ton and spent way more money than I’ve ever spent in such a small span of time — buying materials for gates, drone parts/equipment, generator for field charging. R.I.P. my wallet.

But, I thought it’d be cool to track my progress and just keep record of some of the various tracks I set up and raced during the season.

The lows sucked, but the feeling of the intense races was worth it. I ended up #104 on the world leaderboard and I’m pretty happy with that for a first year, but I hope to improve even more next season.

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Heartbeat by LiQWYD https://soundcloud.com/liqwyd
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