Bitcoin Price: When Breakout??? Big Bitcoin & Altcoin News!

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  1. OKEX delisting doesn't make sense. If customers withdraw, OKEX has the KYC. After that, they lose it, but that's not OKEX's problem. Same can happen if people do a coinjoin or similar on BTC after withdrawing.

  2. Hi Sunny,
    how do banks treat you when you transfer fiat from a crypto exchange to your bank account?here in UK the banks don't want fiat from any crypto exchange,if they do they mark your account as suspicious for money laundering,tax evasion, etc etc and pass your details to the police. New law here asking Banks to inform police of any crypto exchange transfer I think.

  3. @sunny decree yesterday i saw the first comercial spot from Stuttgart Börse for buy BTC and trade safe just two weeks before bakkt start and it was on Pro 7

  4. The majority of btc futures will be used to suppress btc price whether cash settled or not. In the end it won't matter though because everything is relative and relative to btc/ltc most forms of money are crap so…

  5. Great video …. quick question … how do you highlight the text when using the browser?

    I also downloaded Brave browser but I can't find how to do that!

    Is that a plugging? If so, where can I download?


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