Huawei Says It Doesn't Need USA

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Can Huawei continue to thrive without the support of US hardware/software products? Subscribe for more internet + tech news. Email questions to will [at] …


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  1. What if there would be just shared workplaces or coffee bars with these laptop-ish things build in the table/desks. Just connect your phone and you can work? Would be quite awesome, just being able to work at tons of places as long as I have my phone (which I always have).

  2. Literally just merged tablet, laptop and phone by getting the Note 10 and Dex. Best decision ever and more and more apps are Dex friendly and the hardware is so advanced these days I actually get to use up those 8Gb of ram.

  3. Huawei must be killed because it's a real security risk when it comes to the 5G network.  The US government did not go into a great length  to ban one company just for the sake of competition.
    – does Huawei have connection to the Chinese communist government? Answer: Yes – Many Huawei managers are CCP members,  including Chairman Ren.
    – Is Huawei really a security threat? Absolutely! – considering its receives funding from the Chinese Security agency and strong ties to the PLA. Huawei is in fact the front of PLA.
    – Should US put Huawei to death row? Answer: Yes. Huawei is an extension of China's dark ambition to rule the world. It should be killed.

  4. In theory, the day is inevitable when Huawei won't need the U.S….or, at least foreign markets. Currently, China is considered an export-driven economy. Their ultimate economic goal is to become a consumption-driven economy, like the U.S.. That means getting people educated (which they have), getting them out of rural poverty (which they have), moving them into the working class (which they have), then facilitating a rise into the middle class. Its still a work in process, but at the same time they are exporting their stuff all over the world. Not only may they not need the U.S., but sales of Chinese exports to other global markets may significantly disrupt U.S. exports.

  5. More people will do this jumping in the lion cage thing, when jackass first came out I was a Bouncer, the change in behaviour by the young ones was crazy. Overly violent which made us step it up a notch. People are idiots……..

  6. THE WORLD DOESN'T NEED CHINA. So countries and companies who is so delusional of the population of China why onle settle to China. There are other countries that you can do business.

  7. I dont know if I would purchase a Huawei because I cant guarantee that there is some sort of tech in there monitoring on some serious levels. Conspiracy yeah I know, Eddie's looking Into it.

    All seriousness now though, I like the device's aesthetics and all the diff perks etc, cameras, Love the steps being taken, but the trust value I find is absent for myself. But that's just me though Willy Buffet. You see Will, you gotta know! You gotta know what your getting right!?

    I dont know. Maybe I'll wait for a little bit and let you du, I mean two, you see will, I'm a comedian here! I'll let you two do some more unboxing, maybe some more podcast generalisations for Huawei overall on Lew Later etc.

    I dont know…. I really dont know. I'm a samsungasong man. But lately, I dont know what i want…

    Lately the smartphone game is fusing together, or is it?

    Is this whole SP phase going to eventually merge? Looking too far ahead I know, but if everyone even Inda is involved, at somepoint someone has to get the boardroom full of all nations for an idea… surely, maybe I am wrong but that's okay. But I just dont know if I should jump to Huawei…

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