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  1. Here's a glitch for the wii u Disney infinity 1.0 to become invisible
    1.when you first open the game go to the toy box
    2.when the camera zooms in,and right when the character starts appearing take the character off the base
    3. Your game should act like you have no character on the base,but the spark will be colored. Then put the character back on the base and you will be invisible
    To fix: take the character off and put it back on

  2. I'm 20 a huge Disney fan and decided to get something relaxing instead of fps games or horror. I have to say it really gives you a nostalgia buzz it's almost like when you first played Spyro mixed with the excitement of seeing your first Disney movies again. Seriously if you're on the fence about getting it. I highly recommend doing so it's fun and you can make the combat hard, making the game play epic.

  3. I'm only getting this game because of my two favourite Disney childhood movies, Incredibles and STITCH!! hell yeah I'm in. That's probably what Disney infinity has going for it, the nostalgia of our favourite characters. And the art style is rather adorable.

    Imagine is Nintendo did something like this.. or even sega (yes, I just said it. I love a few sega characters.. but non of you have heard of ecco have you..>.<) Or maybe even the first two spyro series.. ember, flame, cinder and spyro in one game all working together…

    but back to infinity. The nostalgia is what I think makes this game desirable. Disney remembers 😀

  4. This new "Figurine genre" seems so limiting… It means we can't mod in new playable characters ? Disney: Why limit yourself like that ? This is sad. For years, people have been speculating on what will be the WoW Killer or the Minecraft Killer (meaning it's a game so good, that it'll kill off it's predecessor). Disney, please wake up… this game looks like it has huge potential to be a game changer. 

    Can anyone tell me about the online multiplayer content ? Is there a Java or C# API ? Or just the Toy Box IDE ?

  5. disney infinity is great on play station and xbox but the wii version is just a rip off in the playsets and toy box the wii version has a lot less you can do 🙁

  6. I really don't know, it's £15 and from what I saw here the starter kit will offer me around 20-25 hours of gameplay before having to buy additional sets. Also do any additional sets add more story (if so how long) and do all the figures I see work with 1.0 and how does the 3ds version differ from the console one

  7. I'm not going to be surprised when they announce a Pokemon version of these pedestal/figurine games. I'm actually surprised that they've NOT made one yet.

  8. So many people bashing skylanders and disney infinity in the comments, why? Well perhaps they have the same concept, Take a toy, stick it on a platform and it comes to life on your tv screen. But what you dont see is that these two games are completely different. Disney Infinity is heavily based on creating and building while Skylanders is mostly fighting and puzzles. Bashing a game for just having the same concept is like bashing the ipad for like the nexus 7. "Oh my god the nexus 7 has a touch screen what a rip off of the ipad" No this happens all the time with almost everything. Personally i like skyylanders more but thats because im bad at building and creating. You Can like one more than the other, but you cant say it sucks, especially when u havent played it

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