NEW! Oculus Quest 2 0 Chip, VR Game of The Year 2019 DEBATE, New VR Games & More

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NEW! Oculus Quest 2 0 Chip, VR Game of The Year 2019 DEBATE, New VR Games & More | OCULUS QUEST 2.0 VS NEW COMPETITOR, FORTNITE VR …


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    Story Timestamps:

    Population One 01:05

    IGN VR GOTY Debate 02:27

    Nostos Fail/VR Expectations 04:25

    Oculus Quest 2.0 Chipset 06:23

    Where Thoughts Go Game 07:59

  2. I really want the Quest 2 to have eye tracking and thus, foveated rendering. This, combined with a better processor, would probably make the Quest able to run PCVR games on its own.

    Great video! Keep it up!

  3. Love your videos man, I just got really interested into VR after seeing what the Oculus Quest can do, I hope i'm able to win that giveaway

  4. Thanks so much for all your hard work. Still new to much of this but, know that your efforts are helping many people such as myself. VR is our future…just saying.

  5. Twas the Night Before Questmas, and all through the ‘net”

    “The Gamers in VrChat waited alongside the friends they just met”

    “The Beat Saber Ninjas, beating levels on Expert Plus”

    “The Oculus Go Players, watching TV on the Bus”


    “They watched the clock, they couldn’t sleep”

    “Laying there with their headset on, thinking about VR sheep”

    “The ones who pre-ordered, they hoped and hoped”

    “That their purchase was worthwhile, and if not, they would cope”


    “Counting down the hours, until their package would arrive”

    “For this would be an event that would greatly affect all those who were alive”

    “The Gamers were ready, feeling totally blessed”

    “For this, would be the start of their new Quest.”

  6. Beat saber is corny as h*** and I feel like it's being pushed on me to be recognizes some great game. It's bullship. Great games are open world games with stories and interaction fighting and sick graphics.

  7. Was I the only one that had this in mind; "YES! Quest 2.0 will make quest even cheaper so I may be able to get it earlier"? But I guess it will take a bit longer than so for Quiest 2.0, but for me this sounds good, I can handle older things, that is how I game now, on a computer that is outdated but still work. I a that group that is okay with 30 FPS as long as I can play.

  8. im excited it finally feels like vr is getting a foot hold love how the quest is legit sold out everywhere luckily the people in my family i got to buy a quest did so before they sold out 🙂

  9. Wow tough question. So let's look at Destiny the taken king. That's an expansion I'd consider a totally different game. Can we say the same of Beat Saber with the song packs, custom colors etc.? My vote would be no. Agree the innovation comes from modders which Facebook is zucking…

  10. Great video was info packed. If I never play a battle royale I’d probably be okay, VR won’t change that I think. I’m more interested in the implementation of the varifocal lens in the next gen VR still cool to hear more dedicated hardware towards VR

  11. I thought it was nominated due to release date? Meaning it has not been a year out on quest anyway? Was it not nominated for the quest? I do agree the mods made it so much worth it for the quest😶anyway. Without the mods for quest I feel it should NOT win! Let if fail because of lack of mods!!!!

  12. I've only played Fortnite occasionally because I stink at FPS, but first person shooters in VR is waaaaay better in my opinion. Suddenly, skill is based more on how well you can aim and shoot in real life. Plus, I think a game like that would attract a LOT of the crowd that's growing up on Fortnite. More people in VR is good!

  13. Here’s another positive comment for you because being positive is good but here it is

    This is the best place for Vr news especially because you make it so fun to listen to and easy to make VR buying decisions! 😋🤙.

  14. Dammnnn so where not getting a oculus quest 2.0 next year. Damn the performance capability of that chipset sounded sweet🤤😯😯😯. Hopefully Samsung or apple or Microsoft can jump on this 😤😤😤😤😤😤😤

  15. Those damn Russian bots are at it again!!
    I love the PSVR but I'm seriously considering getting a Quest. Population one is playing into my decision even though it won't be on the Quest right away. Hopefully the Quest will go on sale after Christmas, but I doubt it. I hope Oculus and Sony make VR game trades. I heard Ghost Giant will soon be available on Oculus but haven't heard what Sony is getting in return. Either way I love to see organizations working together to really push VR to the next level. Those new AR, XR, MR glasses can transform the world and I'm so excited to see what's going to unfold in the near future. As always, another informative briefing by the President.

  16. I just wish Quest 1.0 had more storage/micro SD or used chips like Nintendo switch. It really limits the type of games developers can create. Hopefully this issue would be address in later versions.

  17. Oh wow I looked at the stats of the XR2 and that should enable the quest 2.0 do be on pare with pc head sets hopefully I’m so happy to be in this generation that gets to grow up with Vr. I can’t wait to see how VR turns out in the next decade

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