Bitcoin Brief – BSV Taking Coins, ETH forks & c-lightning Update

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Bitcoin SV – Blocking potential P2SH replay attack after Genesis hard fork

Massive replay ‘theft’ coming to a scamchain near you! from bsv

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  1. Chico did not promote scams but was exposing them. Youtube looks to be too easy to game in your favour and they better make it more resistant to this crap or yt will fail. It looks like it is more anti-white racism that is again not branded as rasism but should be.

  2. To bash BCH is a shame – it was a BCH dev who discovered the last inflation bug of BTC. Without him, your BTC would already be dead perhaps .

  3. Despite all the garbage people say about Tone, there are serious reasons as to why his information is worth listening to. Thanks for all that you do in the space Tone.

  4. Early 2017 Tone made hours and hours of videos calling every top alt a scam and why it's a scam. The biggest alt run happened thereafter. History will repeat itself again.

  5. lol wtf, you just say "hate speech" with a straight face, as if it really exists, and is not just a phrase used to get people – whose opinion you don't agree with – banned. Insane that anyone would give money to those guys. Use Jimmy's method for sure to get rid of ads, don't pay them.

  6. Bitcoin 2020 mining reward halving yet another day closer ….⏳….🎄☃️

    Bitcoin shirt sponsors Watford FC next up against Sheffield United ⚽️ In the EPL 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 on Boxing Day.

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