Scariest things Drones Have Ever Caught On Camera

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Shark attacks from above,

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Drones are everywhere. Some people love them. Others aren’t so keen on the idea. One thing is for sure, affixing a camera to one of these unmanned aerial vehicles can give us a previously unparalleled view of our world. In this video we’ll show you some thrilling footage caught by drones featuring everything from hungry sharks to out-of-control fires to the world’s biggest traffic jam.

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  1. I go to Panama City Beach, Florida every summer and I'm 39. Its scary to think about the shark fishing on the surf board thing. I've parasailed about 7-8 years ago & seen 2 sharks while I was in the air. I almost p💩💩💩 for real.

  2. Two hotties in thongs paddleboarding around a bunch of white sharks. Only thing freakier – you should do it – would be two naked hotties paddleboarding around a bunch of white sharks.

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