Venice Beach California Tour in 360 | Virtual Reality Video (8K)

Come on a tour of Venice Beach, California with Alex and Abbot Kinney, the founder of Venice of the Americas. Journey through time in 360 degrees of virtual …


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  1. Great! I rally enjoy watching your vlogs. I‘ll come over to San Diego visiting some friends who I met during my time in Madrid. Before SD, I‘m gonna do a short stop in NY ans SF. After watching this I definitly wanna visit Venice! I’ll wave to you ;).Greets from Austria

  2. This is awesome. I love the 360 view and also I love the history along with modern life. It makes me appreciate going to Venice Beach more. Thanks guys!

  3. @vagabrothers This was an amazing video. Loved it. I live in Santa Monica. Can you please list the canal places and underground bar's name ? Would love to check this places. Thanks in advance ! You guys rock !

  4. Love your videos! When are you going to do a video on your experience/recommendations for the Auxiliares De Conversación program? The application opens soon, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who would love to know what y'all think!

  5. You guys are so talented. Absolutely loved the video. I felt like i was walking around with you guys as you were showing places around. This is so cool ?
    LA is beautiful & Venice beach is ❤
    Can't wait for more VR videos ???

  6. Anyone else experiencing lag or error watching in 8K resolution ???

    Mozilla — Not working
    Chrome – Working but with too much buffering. Needs lot of system resources 🙁

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