Will 2020 Halving Destroy Bitcoin? Or is Market Overestimating Risk? Huge Opportunity?

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According to a recent poll conducted by Plan B on Twitter, almost 50% of people in crypto believe there’s a chance of a mining death spiral occurring following Bitcoin’s 2020 halving later this year.

Is this actually likely? Or is the market overestimating the level of risk? And could this help to explain why Bitcoin is still a long way from its S2F model valuation of $50-100k that it’s expected to reach by the end of 2021?

Let’s explore!

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  1. What a stupid fuck. He doesn't know anything. Seriously….how is the difficulty calculated? What is an elliptical function?

    You don't know…do you? stupid fuck

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  3. And the halving can’t be priced in because the price result is driven by miner sell pressure reduction once its halved, some people can front run the halving which I believe that is one metric playing in to price movements now

  4. There will NOT be a death spiral. As price goes up, more people will mine. If the price falls, and miners shut off their equipment, the difficulty will adjust down (using less energy, thus lowering the cost), making it more profitable to mine. At that point miners will come back online. There will always be a back and forth. The algorithm adjusts.

  5. Ofcourse it isn't. It's only when miners receive 50% less bitcoins to sell will we see the demand increase because the supply is less (by 50%). The result is a price increase.

    The smart people sold their alts last june 2019 and bought into btc to front run this notion.

    Now we are front running again because the alts are too cheap.

  6. Bitcoin and Łitecoin reward halving ‘supply shock’ coming down the track..🎢

    Last ‘round’ of halvings signaled the beginnings of 2015 – 2017 price surge!

  7. I am not sure how much of the halvning is already priced in. Very likely not all of it. But probably more than the prior halving at the same point in time. However, halving or not, there is still a relatively large risk that Bitcoin will fail and its value go dramatically down. It is still a highly speculative investment asset with very little real world use (apart from speculation and regulatory arbitrage). I agree that some miners will continue even if the price plummets. Yes, the mining difficulty will adjust down but that also means that the chain is less secure and the cost of a 51% attack a lot lower. Stock to flow might prove itself right one more time, but this type of model cannot be a long term predictor of BTC price. Imho

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  9. I would seriously want to know where did you get those bitcoin and youtube pillows? As for halving, I don't care, I am here for the long term is there is any fall in the price, I will just buy more. Now, where can I get those pillows?!

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