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  1. Doom 2016 MAYBE on to something? How absurd for saying that. Doom 2016 brought all kinds of new gameplay elements to the series. Doom Eternal only makes it better, but it doesn't mean its predecessor deserves such minimal credit. Sounds like the speaker doesn't appreciate games enough.

  2. If the Slayer can wear the outfit of other action games' heroes such as Halo or Crysis, Doom Eternal would be a more interesting game. LOL

  3. I cant wait for this but I still wish there was a standard multiplayer mode. I'm one of the few that seemed to really like 2016's multiplayer.

  4. "Honestly ruins doom 2016 for me." sees him getting hit by a revenant on whatever low difficulty he is on and losing just 10 armor
    Clearly you didnt play through 2016 on ultra nightmare, if you find doom 2016 "bland"

  5. I disliked this video because it literally made me feel sick watching this 30 fps low field of view footage, motion sickness for days, especially with the way they played the game, like rapid turning of the character and stuff.

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