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  1. Thanks for all the love and support. I feel like years of youtube videos have led to this moment. You are all the BEST!! <3 Thanks for watching and liking!!

  2. I know what the ending is. you should not have recommended people buy this game. you should have told them the truth.

  3. I heard this game is more linear so if you finish the game you dont can go back ? So you need to start over or how can you be level 99 or see everything or going back ? I want to know only ?

  4. Any idea how often we are gonna get the next “chapters”?? I was a huge fan of turn based combat … and for me it’s a deal breaker

  5. So, Final Fantasy VII Remake is actually a reboot? How does one fuck that up? Square?
    Am I the only one that feels like the guys making Octopath and Bravely Default are more talented than the big names?

  6. Square Enix should stop trying to avoid putting their classic at combat. They always end up making systems that aren't good for action rpg prayers or turn based ones. It's the worst of both worlds. At least you can't hold a button and watch the game play itself this time.
    Also Nomura is a horrible story writer. I love his designs, and he should just stick with that, and leave directing and writing to actually competent people.

  7. Wow well guess not trusting your reviews anymore… this game is hot padded garbage with a even worse combat system and team AI is non existent … gj …

  8. As much as I love Square, and am a fan of Tetsuya Nomura's work, being a huge Kingdom Hearts fan….he seems to really suck when it comes to pacing and ending games. Kingdom Hearts 3 being the best example of this; a lot of KH fans were very disappointed with the game as a whole because the pacing was so off and the ending was very abrupt. I had a feeling this game would have a similar problem; I haven't played it yet so I can't judge it for myself, but as soon as you complained about the pacing and the ending I went "Yep, it's your typical Nomura game". I don't know why this is so hard for him with how much experience he has under his belt, and it's even more baffling because this is a remake of a story that already exists and is praised by everyone. But at the same time I can't say I'm surprised. I also wouldn't be surprised if it was his idea to stretch the game out into separate parts, because he was able to stretch out a huge chunk of the overall Kingdom Hearts story with not one, not two, not three, but FOUR separate games that you HAD to play in order to understand anything about KH3. It's like it's Nomura's grand plan to come up with these huge elaborate lore filled stories, and stretch them out over multiple titles in order to make more money. It was incredibly frustrating as a Kingdom Hearts fan, and I'm sure it's just as painful for hardcore FF7 fans.

  9. Oh wow, good thing I read the comments before watching the video. Ended up not watching the video at all, after reading many comments saying how there’s a big spoiler about a character. Normally I don’t read comments before watching any video, but I’m glad I did this time. I think I read the comments first cause I saw a lot of dislikes

  10. I sympathize with the infinite health bosses, people who played ff14 will be used to it but for normal players it's gonna be a drag / boring.

  11. What's hilarious to me about Dreamcastguy's criticism is that it's all the same criticism I had of FF7 when I played through in 1997. The pacing was disjointed from filler stuff like grinding and too many enemy encounters (which were random, so more annoying). Some of the boss battles dragged on waaaay too long and were pretty boring, monotonous affairs. But all in all, these things exist in all the Final Fantasy games and are part of their charm, in a weird way. The only criticism here that concerns me is that the ending sucks. It seems like every reviewer came to the same conclusion on that one thing, which is really sad. Hopefully the next installment somehow redeems this ending, even if only partially…. The next one is gonna be amaaaaazeballs, cause it'll be in the open world and will be developed for PS5.

  12. honest truth – in FF7R they stretched the time needed to get to different events in the original 7 by making you have to travel longer distances and do alot of little side quests in between, feels like a hallway simulator again like FF13 although a little better since there are actual towns, but compared to the original game, FF7R is severely lacking. Game is a 7/10 at best.

  13. Since I actually am not a fan of the original,I'm hoping I will enjoy this Re-imagining. I figure since I am going into it with low expectations I will be pleasantly surprised.

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