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  1. Filler? U mean side quests has this dude actually played RPGs thats like calling all the side quests in The Witcher 3 filler w no value but they do u get new items level up , cash, and some lore.

  2. Square has to fix that damn texture pop in and the weird low textures everywhere in the city. Its crazy how many texture issues the game has.

  3. Sounds like they added a bunch of stuff….I really hope all three parts are playable on the PS4

    I also just learned Jessie was female. Mind blown

  4. "yeah it's kind of padded out with some filler to reach its full run time…"
    > Oh well, i mean, that's okay, this is like a full length rpg, that's probably around like 80 to 90 hours completionist so i'm sure it'll be okay even just cutting down to midgar-
    "…of about 33 hours!"
    > >:l

  5. shame that after about 40 hours doing all side quests and finishing the story that the end game is simply play the game again on hard mode without the use of items…. fuuuuuun

  6. Oh boy, to give this a lower score than FF13 and FFXV, and the same score as FF13-2 and FF Type 0 HD, yikes, that makes this one of the lowest scoring mainline FF titles ever, losing only to Lightning Returns. Personally, I actually loved FFXV, and most of the issues Tom has probably wouldn't bother me, but yeah, I don't think many Final Fantasy fans will agree with the score. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

  7. IGN you forgot to mention it's huge face lift from the clunky trove yet Minecraft blockyness it initially had besides the 4k to 8k graphics upgrade helps tremendously, though the 8k tech is not quite out yet either.

  8. The truth is that for all who finished ff7 or even just left Midgar in the original. This is a demo. I found myself playing thinking oh I can’t wait to certain points in the story that I loved only to discover that this game doesn’t go past Midgar. How disappointing.

  9. Does anybody else notice a bit of inconsistency between the grandiose and devastating visuals of any attack and the small amount of damage the attack actually inflicts?

  10. I never played the original and only have a rough idea of the storyline. So this “remake” isn’t a remake of the entire game? Just a part of it…? What crap

  11. Every RPG since the invention of video games has had what you call "useless filler". That useless filler, IMO, is what breaks up the endless combat that happens if you just stay with the main storyline. I love doing sidequests. They make going back into main story combat that much more exciting and keeps you wanting more. I remember in the original FF7, you would spend days, if not weeks, breeding chocobos so that you could get the special materia that was only accessible with them. I still love playing it to this day.

  12. So they took like ten years to only do a portion of the game? Nah I'll pass. Waited 15 for kh3 and decided not play it out of spite. Then come to find out I'm not missing anything since they erased all ff characters.

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