5 Pasta Making Gadgets Tested By Design Expert | Well Equipped | Epicurious

5 Pasta Making Gadgets Tested By Design Expert | Well Equipped | Epicurious

Design and usability guru Dan Formosa returns to evaluate and improve upon 5 gadgets designed to help you make pasta more efficiently. Watch as he tests …


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  1. The handle for the press would cost a lot more of designed with a curve. Not sure what the prices range is for these products, but there is a reason (at least in some cases) that designer items are much more expensive, and when it is justified is when you have these kinds of "small" design changes that are a nightmare for the production engineer.

  2. If there are any products which you have reviewed in the videos and those did get improvement(s) made to it, maybe you can do a Gadgets Rediscovered or something.

  3. for the clip-on pasta strainer, it would be a lot easier to use if you poured away from yourself and had your hands under the handles instead of on top. you should also just strain pasta like that anyways so you dont risk drenching yourself in boiling water.

  4. Oops is not something you want to hear no matter what your making. There are better designed pasta cookers that have tubular handles (act as measuring guides) with a clip on strainer.

  5. Alton Brown, of "Good Eats" fame, would say that these single task instruments are pointless. And I agree. Only the first item, to extrude pasta, can be justified and only then if it actually worked.

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  7. I need to get a kitchenaid pasta attachment. I'm pretty sure my meat grinder attachment just needs the pasta dyes and it can make pasta… that was one of the reasons I got the pro over regular.
    That manual pasta press though… it looks like if you got a good one it would last for a century. But… a good one would have the improvements he mentioned. A solid grippable custom molded Aluminum or steel shape instead of just generic tubes. Like the 100+ year old cast iron meat grinders that still work just as well as brand new ones do. A screw, dye, and press aren't the most complex machines, but they need to be done right.

  8. Was I the only one who was worried that he would cut his hand on that Adjustable Dough Cutter… That thing looks like it could mess somebody up!

  9. Every time I put one of these videos I have to blast my volume to almost max lvl to hear it, wth? Sound dude you are awful

  10. Ok for that Pasta Twister I will give a buy rating of 1,5
    GrandMa: NO!!!!! ? ⛈ ⚡️⚡️

    Ok then I will cook pasta in the microwave
    PastaGod: NO!!!!! ? ⛈ ⚡️⚡️

  11. I’ve seen the pot stirrer in other videos, and MAN i wish it worked. I’m someone who has tendonitis and my wrist gets sore and tired having to consistently stir something, something like an auto-stirrer would be perfect for me

  12. I own a very similar microwave pasta cooker (from when I lived in a dorm) its a better shape, and rather than pouring it out with the lid on it was designed so that you are supposed to remove the silicone lid and pour your pasta into it like a strainer! Genius!

  13. I use the Fasta Pasta microwave pasta cooker. It's the only way I cook pasta anymore. It doesn't have any of the problems that you see with the pasta cooker in this video.

  14. When making pasta we need to rub flour or oil to make the pasta don’t stick together when it came out, it’s not a problem when it stick, because you forgot to rub it with flour or oil, same strategy when boil them, they’ll stick again (packed pasta) when cooked can stick together

  15. You should really be dusting the "noodles" with flour as your press them to stop them sticking together, this is more user error than bad design

  16. Just to point out why the pasta cooker was shaped like it was. Is to control the microwaves them selfs. Straight corners concentrate the heat and cause burning around the edges. Better-designed versions of this have external handles.

  17. I adjustable dough cutter looks easy to knock out some ravioli. But uh…I'll just use my knife.

    Also, while it's extended a blade guard towards the use would allow you to lay your forearm on it for pressure in the center.

  18. With the amount of left handed oil tests you have done in your life

    Your left hand is so blessedly soft
    And you might as well just consider yourself ambidextrous

  19. I have the clip on strainer and love it. I use it with a smaller pot than you used, though. It helps a lot when I am draining pasta and have a sink that has dirty dishes in it- so I can strain the pasta into the sink without setting a strainer into the dirty sink.

  20. Ok… I'm confused – why didn't the guy pour the paste water out in front of himself? You grab the pot in a form of reverse grip and use a counter or something to support the pot as you tilt the it away from your body? Would make that strainer so much easier to use…

  21. For the multi pizza wheel, my first thought for a redesign was to make the scissors out of slightly curved segments so that the middle is always sort of pushed down by tension, thus allowing the user to focus on applying pressure on the ends.

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