Game Scoop! 643: Deathloop – Perfect Stealth, Tons of Style

Game Scoop! 643: Deathloop - Perfect Stealth, Tons of Style

On this episode of Game Scoop! we discuss our impressions of Arkane’s Deathloop and go over the week’s hardware update news around the Nintendo Switch …


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  1. Having multiple consoles has nothing to do with crunch at all… It is a very simplistic view that somehow crunch would go away due to a single console to develop on.. If you had one console you would actually have less employees that are converting your base code and testing that code to work on multiple platforms. There would still be crunch it would just be on less people… so yay! less people with jobs? crunch is by definition time and ambition… how big and complex do you want your game to be… and what time do you want to deliver it in? Games would have to become smaller and less complex or tools are developed to assist with that complexity and size and the time to deliver would have to remain the same. There is a reason game development takes 5 years+ for titles… People think just hire more people and it will go faster… That rarely works in development… Only when the vision of the project can be broken apart into modules of code that integrate into the whole can that help and then only when you start with a good architectural plan on how all the pieces fit together.

  2. The ai is so dumb in this game lol.. for awhile there they were speaking like the ai is incredible smart and adaptive.. there comes a point in the game where you are insanely overpowered and stealth or gun blazing doesn't matter.. game is great but the ai is dumb as shit lol

  3. I'm totally looking forward to catching up on years of Nontendo stuff if I ever get my Steam Deck!
    But fear the day when brain-implant brand rivalry gives console wars a whole new meaning!

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