10 Rarest Supercars with Limited Production: Newest Models of 2022 You've Never Seen

It would be insane to call Ferraris and Lamborghinis imperfect supercars, but when we are talking about buyers who have countless millions at their disposal, exclusivity of these iconic models might be an issue. Therefore, boutique carmakers with single digit production numbers can still thrive and keep delivering unique supercars that we might not ever see in real life. In this episode of Automotive Territory we will cover the newest models among these unicorns.

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A rundown of all models that were shown in this #AT_New_Cars video:

00:00 Introduction

00:42 Niels van Roij Design Breadvan Hommage

Count Giovanni Volpi hired the engineer Giotto Bizzarrini to modify a 250 GT SWB Competition into a one-of-a-kind aerodynamically superior unit. In 2021 the Dutch design studio of Niels van Roij is paying homage to this oddity with a fully-rebodied one off coachbuilding Breadvan Hommage commission.

01:52 Ares Project S1

The Modena-based coachbuilder Ares Design is steadily expanding its fleet of original vehicles, so this year the limited production Project S1 is being joined by a Spyder version. The two share the same low profile and forward-sitting cabin, and boast all carbon fiber bodywork with a low splitter and large curvy wheel arches.

02:58 Delage D12

Fueled by the enthusiasm and surely finances of Laurent Tapie, a passionate racer, CEO and founder of the reinvigorated enterprise, the Delage D12 is envisioned as a radical hypercar with a 30 units limited production.

04:01 Hongqi S9

Though created by a former VW designer Walter Da Silva, the Hongqi S9 hybrid supercar is claimed to be the real embodiment by the Chinese spirit of innovation. At its heart sits a newly-developed plug-in hybrid drivetrain that reportedly combines efforts of a 4-liter biturbo V8, 3 electric motors and a battery of undisclosed capacity.

05:09 Baltasar Revolt

This street legal and track-oriented ultralight electric roadster is the first creation of the Barcelona-based startup Baltasar. The Revolt features all carbon fiber bodywork, as well as racing seats and removable steering wheel from the same material.

06:09 Hyperion XP1

Due to the overly ambitious performance numbers and lack of auto manufacturing expertise, this project was originally met with a fair share of skepticism. Nevertheless, the hypercar XP-1 appears to be on track with development.

07:20 ARES Design Panther ProgettoUno

ARES Design Panther ProgettoUno is finally ready for production in 2021. The model is limited to 21 units, each built on the basis of Lambo Huracan hybrid chassis with a custom carbon-fiber bodywork.

08:26 Beltoise BT-01

Beltoise BT-01 was created in cooperation with SparkRacing Tachnology as a GT racer for the transition period between ICE and electric models. The racer will be used to train drivers as well as compete in championships.

09:26 Drako GTE

One of the word’s first electric super GT sedans is still under development by the California startup Drako. The GTE makes 1200 horsepower with its quad motor drivetrain.

10:32 Naran Automotive

Amid the biggest hypercar makers gradually eyeing electrification in one way or another, the obscure British start-up Naran enters the segment with a five-liter powertrain in quest to deliver pure connection between the car and driver.

11:27 Aston Martin Victor

Aston Martin Victor is a one of a kind supercar created by the brand’s Q division, using the chassis from the 2009 One 77 with some bits from the Vulcan and design inspired by the Vantage V8.


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  1. Ares Design should have based the Ares Panther PROGRETTOUNO AWD + 0.5 in. Lift 5.3 V10 2-Dr Sports Coupe (LHD) on a 100% in-house designed carbon fiber & lithium alloy monocoque chassis & design instead of borrowing composite chassis & body elements from Lamborghini & Mercedes Benz!!! Ares Design is about bespoke & one offs like no other!!! then make it 100% bespoke at the very least!!! not borrow!!! and trust me in-house design of a car from scratch is no rocket science!!! with the present day advancements in technology designing a car in-house do not require a degree from North Western or Oxford anymore!!!

  2. The majority of modern supercars is produced by a group of established manufacturers but there are some new auto makers that have recently tried their luck in high performance vehicle engineering. Today we a looking at some of the rarest supercars that you may not know about. Which of these is your favorite?

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