Worlds 2020 Semifinals Preview – Who will win? | ESPN Esports

Worlds 2020 Semifinals Preview - Who will win? | ESPN Esports

Arda Ocal and Tyler Erzberger take a look ahead at the Semifinals matches of Worlds 2020 taking place next Saturday and Sunday. Top Esports will face Suning …


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  1. How is lpl teams still not look at as favorites after 2 years of consecutive championships? G2 or DWG might win but the winners between them is for sure win the championship?

  2. this mans gonna say that a region that hasnt made a finals since early 2018 or a region that has been wrecked in finals by chinese teams. but yea, lets ignore that the LPL has won two worlds finals in a row, an msi, and destroyed the LCK at the mid season cup. but yea, go with damwon who has shown nothing new or impressive. as well as having a region that has been destroyed in KO stages lately. GG tyler, you fool

  3. I dont understand how NA has a saying on who will win or even have an opinion cuz they have'nt even reach the level of the major regions. Na should keep their opinions to themselves. If you have so much knowledge about the game share it with the teams cuz your team needs it to make it out of groups

  4. Tyler is 90% wrong on his predictions from all time. This guy has so much faith on NA before world and hands over the Dade award to Chovy.

  5. I think G2 will trash Damwon just like they did last year. I think Suning can get revenge on TOP but in a 3-1 or 3-2 match. And Suning 3-0 G2 in the finals 😆

  6. I think this is the perfect time for G2 to win if they ever had a chance is this one, I'm not a G2 fan by any means, in fact I do think DW or TES is stronger but but they are not IG or FPX in terms of top and surprises. No one thought either of those 2 were gonna win when they did and G2 finds themselves in the same boat this time, they're not the favorite and most consider them weaker, G2s Achilles was those LPL top laners and jg on the loses EU suffered. I do think wunder is a little more consistent and again he is not going against a top that is miles better than him. I have money on DW and then TES either will win but DON'T BE SURPRISED if G2 wins both JUST this time.

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