Riders Republic – Before You Buy

Riders Republic - Before You Buy

Riders Republic (PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S/One, Stadia) is an open world action sports game with some ambitious twists. Let’s talk about it. Subscribe for …


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  1. Want the game but horizon 5 is right around the corner and I'm pretty bummed you can't do a wheelie hell you can wheelie in gta5 and that's year's old.

  2. Been super bored. No new games. Waiting for BF2042. This game was an impulse buy and glad I did. Fun to just mess around and do crazy things

  3. I think the before you buy series should talk a bit more about last gen…weather its playable or not compared to new gen

  4. I was super excited for this game, but I just can't like these game mechanics.
    Only the flying feels good to control, everything else feels off to me.

  5. The trailer got me super excited I ended up purchasing it 3 days after the release date and I fell in love however I will give credit that the game just got released and it takes time for them to update it

  6. 3/10
    Horrible physics
    Horrible handling
    Horrible controls
    Outdated, cheap graphics
    Love the concept! I wish it had been good, but horribly disappointed

  7. This game is sick! I ride my mountain bike everyday to the local park to do some laps. This game hits the spot with tons of fun and puts me in the zone like I'm outside riding.

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