The iPhone XS Max Is Great. Don't Buy It.

This is my iPhone XS Max review. I used the iPhone XS Max as my personal (exclusive) device for roughly 3 weeks. The iPhone …


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  1. It’s funny watching this now just how much every iPhone price has risen since the X released. Watching iPhone 13/13pro where £900+ costs just now seem the norm.
    Time has now told us that this XS Max is a great device that has been built on with 11/12/13 pro. There’s a reason why the 13pro is sold out in Oct 2021 in the Uk. This device was the start of the large full screen iPhone.

    XS Max in 2021 with a new battery for £69 is a great preowned buy. 😎👍

  2. Android customer service is garbage and everyone knows it. Don’t buy an app that doesn’t work because you ain’t getting your money back.

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