Funny VR Fails and Funny VR moments #3

Funny VR Fails and Funny VR moments #3

VR Fails and Funny VR moments #3 The Best and Funny VR fails found on the internet and brought together to bring you this …


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  1. I love how it’s seem nun of these people know how to make a barrier on the brain so they know not to go out of it or lose their self and really think they’re in the VR and not aware their bodies are still in the real world 🌎🤗😅🤣

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  3. Ive had VR for a short while and only have a small space to play it in… yet looking at these people makes me feel great cus ive only ever managed to punch my wall on accident once or twice

  4. I can’t really be laughing, after all I was playing gorn and forgot about my shelf in front of me. Once I hit it with full force I heard as all the Lego on that shelf falls over and I sit there and contemplate life as I remember it has all my Lego sets on it.

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