Something Very Strange Just Happened…

Something Very Strange Just Happened...

Something Very Strange Just Happened… For Aussies Get a free stock (Nike,Dropbox, or GoPro) worth up to $150. My favourite …


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  1. "Dot.Cum bubble" sounds like something very different..🤤 In all seriousness though, really like the new format and your recent output of vids Michael 👍🇬🇧

  2. I woudn't be worring about the the economy or the US share market, as a war is coming to bail out the US, Russia on one side of the world and China on the other, so buck up its going to be a terrible ride

  3. I sold all my shares 3 weeks ago. A lot of my profit was vaporized already. But if i held on, hoping on better days, i would be in deep shit right now. Thanks for the video Micheal they helped me not buying in again and burning my fingers. I agree the worst is yet to come .

  4. People are in cash, what your seeing is people selling the dip bought earlier. EOD sell off means distrust, its indicator – nobody is bullish. Smart people keep buying the dip, then they sell the dip. Dumb people are clueless they cant figure out why anyone would buy the dip. They better learn, as in bear market buy the dip is all there is everyday. Selling the morning pop is a traders bread and butter, common thing.

  5. Successful people don’t become that way overnight,most people see at a glance-wealth,A great career purpose is the result of hard work and hustle over time. I pray that anyone who reads this will be successful in life

  6. If the Fed is smart they will slowly raise interests rates to a right before it causes issues to get things under control. Right now it will take a major balancing act with quantitative tightening, interest rate increases, and not killing the economy. A very difficult task but it can be done. This move won't eliminate the pain but it would reduce the damage dealt by what is coming.

  7. The private Federal reserve, can control interest rates, to a certain degree, but ultimately the market dictates rates.
    Crypto will start sell-off when investors are spooked by, or start to get margin calls, people will sell crypto to try to cover loss's in stock market, losing in both markets will cause the sell off, the crypto boys and girls are the modern shoe shine boys.

  8. OMG A CORRECTION, we are still at 14.845 on the NASDAQ (thats 100% compared to fckn March 2020…. All this panic lol, i bet your ass we will be ending at all time highs this year

  9. It's truly amazing that a government allows people to fabricate currency out of thin air. What could go wrong? Cryptocurrency isn't backed by anything, or anyone. It isn't a proxy for ownership of another asset, like a share of stock. I understand the technology, but allowing private individuals to fabricate currency or securities that don't represent anything at all is foolhardy. It’s pure speculation.  Crypto is not stocks, bonds, gold, silver or even diamonds.  It’s value is based on pure speculation.  Stocks are driven higher based on fundamentals more than speculation, but stocks do have fundamental underlying value.  Crypto has zero underlying value except what someone else thinks it has, but if you had to liquidate crypto what would you end up with.

  10. Every government on Earth operating above 120% debt to GDP and funding their economies through liquidity in an interconnected market.

    What could possibly go wrong?

  11. I've learned more about trading in the last 2 months from your trading than I've learned in the last 2 years from all else combined. You are truly a blessing. Thank you! I was able to raise over 35BTC when I invested at 3 BTC in just few weeks implementing trades with signals and insights from Mrs Ethel Arthur…..I really can't doubt what's people says bout you ma She's God sent to me and my family she got us 3BTC Thank you so much ma…

  12. Watch out for a whipsaw. I got a bad feeling about this that it may be another bear trap. The Fed and other CBs intervene, a short squeeze develops, the government declares the end of coronavirus mandstes and a euphoric boom goes straight up. The market teaches one paranoia is healthy and a survival skill.
    take care


  14. There was a stock market drop in the 1970s around 73-74. History may repeat itself. I also noticed the P/E ratio being excessively high. The indexes have been going flat. When I said I thought we might have a crash, I was called a liar. We will see.

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