The Quarry: Building on the Legacy of Until Dawn – IGN First

The Quarry: Building on the Legacy of Until Dawn - IGN First

Supermassive Games explains how The Quarry takes the core of what made Until Dawn so successful and uses fresh ideas and …


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  1. This is my list for best of the genre. These are the genre.
    Until Dawn
    Detroit: Become Human
    Beyond Two Souls
    and of course the stellar Dark Pictures Anthology.
    If Supermassive team up with Skybound and put out one of these in vr, they will have all the money.

  2. So the possibility of what's gonna kill them is either a deadly killer,creature,ghosts or maybe the killer is one of the cast or maybe there was no killer to being with and they're going crazy

  3. Nothing will beat until dawn! The amount oF other knock oFF games they’ve Made because oF that game, obviously Nothing has compared to that. And probably will Never will!

  4. Everytime they launch a new game they mention Until Dawn, but so far they haven't been able to replicate that experience or even come close to it

  5. Does anyone know if this game is a proper sequel to Until Dawn with continuation to characters stories and Wendigo stuff? or is a totally different title?

  6. They got Maddie Fitzpatrick for House of Ashes, and now they have London Tipton for The Quarry

    The Suite Life Cinematic Universe is getting wild

  7. First Ashley Tisdale in House of Ashes
    Now Brenda Song in The Quarry
    If Mr Moseby doesn't show up in the next game I'll be disappointed

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