'Everything bubble' will burst, gold to $900, Bitcoin to $3k before hitting $500k – Harry Dent

'Everything bubble' will burst, gold to $900, Bitcoin to $3k before hitting $500k - Harry Dent

Harry Dent, founder of HS Dent, discusses his market outlook for gold, Bitcoin, and the equity markets with Michelle Makori, …


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  1. Dude thinks Russia are trying to re-build the USSR lol….he might be right on everything else but I won't be listening to a guy who believes this.

  2. Hmm the best way to attract attention and views is to have controversial and outrageous claims so this is rubbish. Bitcoin doesn't have any intrinsic value whatsoever. If bitcoin hits $500k while gold stays in the dolrums I'll eat my hat lol

  3. Buy land and go off grid before it's too late. And get a high fence. And a gun. And good luck.

  4. I agree with the real estate crash. However, Millenials wont be able to take advantage of it because of Auto Loan, Credit Card and Student Loan debt. Only the people with precious metals and crypto will take advantage

  5. 2037 he say… OKEY LOL HAHA, Gold will never decrease as it has massive religious values in Islam. It will be the future intrinsic commodity a long with BTC

  6. Harry likes cash and bonds. Both are going to crash and burn. Nobody is going to care about either one in a famine!

  7. If push comes to shove the Federal Reserve will opt for hyper inflation rather than increasing Interest rates , because increasing interest rates would literally destroy the richest , whereas hyper inflation may hurt the rich a bit but the most wealthiest wont feel it , yet it will absolutely obliterate the working and middle class and the wealthiest dont give a rats ass if that happens as long as they are insulated by that.

  8. I think Harry´s demographic and macro outlooks makes a lot of sense. If we get that massive crash, a liquidation of almost everything, and a (temporary) flight to bonds makes sense. Timeline is always the issue. If the fed pivots who knows, perhaps they can push this thing for another couple years. Especially once they get their hands on UBI.

  9. <I respect your work mate, It blows my mind how some people are still treating this like a buy the dip scenario. Hopefully we stay down for a full year. Trade a small percentage of your portfolio rather than going in and out every couple weeks trying to time the market. Thanks to Guy Lucas, for his amazing skills for helping me to earn 11 BTC from 3 BTC through day trading.

  10. "The safest long term bond, 30yr Treasury of the US…"

    Translated: " I'm long a bunch of bonds of an insolvent entity and I'm taking a beating! Please be the greater fool!

  11. I am an Indian living in India …he is right, Indian housewives own 10 to 15% of all the gold ever mined… still, India is a big gold importer every year.

  12. His thesis is based on demographics. He says young people cost money and this is bad for the economy. Last macro lesson I had said the opposite – consumption is 80% of the economy.

  13. so i take it he thinks the US dollar will stay the world reserve currency for many more years to come…🤨 buy US treasury bonds… 🤦🤦

  14. The trouble with all these guys is their analysis is rooted in projecting the lessons of the post ww2 period over the next twenty years. We are transitioning to a new era now. It would have been impossible for economists of the inter war period to predict the events of the post war period and it is impossible now. To quote Data, accurately predicting the price and value of anything in 2040 is highly improbable.

  15. Never listen to ppl saying that bitcoin will go down more ‘in the future’, so then you should buy.

    You will miss the boat. DCA and live your life.

  16. So listening to this guy just short all markets and life is good 😂😂😂US debt to GDP 130% and hope that printer wont run out of ink for next 50 years, somebody else can worry about those % later 😂😂😂

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