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  1. If you not Play in f1 21 or 20 ranks 8/10 will be ok, but if play year after year this game only deserves on 6/10

  2. Reviewed on PC with no mention of the port being riddled with issues? There should be a discalimer there for sure for PC users. Not to mention the butchered release of the Champions edition on Steam.

  3. 7:04 They still haven't done anything about the single collision state of letting the wheel spas-out and clip through the body while tethered to the car.

  4. IGN's mark out of 10 NEVER matches the review itself. At no point did the reviewer give the impression this is a great game at all

  5. Hella decided to buy this after hearing the sponsor stickers don't get removed after resigning contracts. And people will read this thinking I'm joking.

  6. don't ever the trust Tristan Ogilvie review, he never reviewed a game and scored it 9, only it takes two, others are always 8 and below. 18 years of experience, what a joke.

  7. The supercars are such a dumb idea. It’s like, well ”now you don’t need to change games to enjoy some street car racing”. Yeah right. 😀 What’s the point? Probably some real money sinks in 6 months time when they sell new supercars, since they can’t really sell more F1 cars to the players.

  8. Test drive unlimited had walking around inside your houses and apartments over a decade ago. Here we get fancy wallpapers for real money? Wow

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