10 Cheap Japanese Kitchen Gadgets

10 Cheap Japanese Kitchen Gadgets

Trying 10 Cheap Japanese Kitchen Gadgets bought at Daiso 1. Handy Butter Dispenser 2. Tofu Cutter 3. Potato Chips Grinder 4.


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  1. You can also just microwave pancake batter in a glass. You have to eat it out of the glass if don't do any other preparation, but is a breeze.

  2. it could just be me but… dear dancing bacons please take care of yourself. your hands looked a bit red 0.0. could be because you were holding ice, but still concerning appearance

  3. In India too some people prefer to add fried snacks on rice & curry . Was surprised to see potato chips on rice , i shall try it 😋

  4. I chilled the butter till it was rock solid before putting it in the gadget and it worked amazingly well so I’d say it’s really useful esp on hot toast ^^ the crumbs sometimes stick on the butter tho so I do have to scrape it off afterwards to prevent spoilage

  5. The very first one, the butter dispenser, cracks me up. The butter was already soft by the time it was jammed into that plastic thing. Hence the easy spreading, haha!

  6. As something of a kitchen gadget fanatic, some of these drive me nuts. The potato chip grinder, for instance, can be done even easier with your own hands. And that butter dispenser strikes me as a solution in search of a problem that doesn't really exist.

    The ice dish mold is perhaps the most versatile one of the bunch. Imagine using your favorite flavor of yogurt or maybe a refreshing fruit juice instead of water. The possibilities are endless. ♥

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