Today let’s talk about Bitcoin heading higher. Is this going to last? Also, huge lawsuit against Celsius network and it declares …


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  2. George, speaking about crypto freedom, what do you think about the EU crypto regulation limiting privacy to a 1000-Euro threshold?

  3. Impossible to watch these videos with the bright white screenshot on the entire time. Hurts the eyes. Also impossible to read any of your chapter titles, i.e. white on white.

  4. We are not heading up yet! Futures already turning down and this weekend will be another hit down before we reach the bottom before 15th when Powel does another knock out move.

  5. Seems like many will get rekt again lol, 22.5k is the top of this dead cat bounce, if CPI comes good we will have push to 25-26k, if CPI comes bad we will see BTC again around 17-18k

  6. George is assuming that every word in the lawsuit is true. He also seems out of touch with what the Cel community is doing. There is so much info he seems willingly ignoring as he is cherry picking

  7. It's so beautiful that us retail dca'ers/hodlers can buy BTC at these once in a lifetime prices because all of those GREEDY DUMBASS IT guy's who TRIED to be FINANCIAL / BANKER guys…Royally F'd up!!! HAHAHA…I've been buying from 17k to 20k added another full BTC, now have 3 FULL BTC…THANKS FOR SELLING CHEAP- SUITS/VENTURE CAP/"CRYPTO-ENTREPRENEURS"…HAHAHAHA!!!

  8. It's amazing to see Celsius and Voyager management play with customers asset like gambling in casino just because no law can SEE their doing…

  9. Everyone witdraw from exchanges with btc before it's too late. Ledger or Trust Wallet. The fight happens in btc…

    Smaller exchanges will go bankrupt

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