Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Unboxing vs Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 Unboxing (ALL COLORS)

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 – Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 – Samsung …


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  1. For those of you who are currently/have used the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold, do you feel an increase in your productivity with a wide screen on the smartphone?

  2. I'd pick the Flip because I don't really fw tablets and I'm on my computer for most of the day (+ it actually seems quite functional), so to me, it would just be chunky and kinda annoying I guess. But I can see why people would choose the Fold.

  3. Yeah hey can you give Me one of that phones? Yeah Y Like that phone were motch! Yeah give Me A Were Oone which Y can Work with in online

  4. Wow, I really need to buy this right away The design and color are so pretty and unique. Thinned hinge and multi-tasking ability, large screen, external display alone is worth the weight

  5. I have a zfold 3, and the zfold 4 doesnt give us the storage for the pen still, so I'll pass…the damn s22 has it but no fold series does? Looks like I'm keeping my zfold 3 a bit longer

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