Pico 4 Hands On – VR Competition Heats Up!

Pico 4 Hands On - VR Competition Heats Up!

I got hands on with the upcoming Pico 4 standalone VR headset during Gamescom. Now I can finally talk about my first …


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  1. Getting points in the mainstream VR headset rivalry will be an extreme challenge for Pico.
    No matter how silly it may sound – Meta does not only have an impressive budget to work with, but also, or – from my standpoint – most importantly: Meta has John Carmack on board. Ecosystems that flirt with APK/Android environments are in desperate need for some hardcore optimization techniques. Carmack is one of the best optimization-focused programmers in the world (that actively work nowadays), and has already proved his skills in the field, for example by allowing Quest 2 to run with 120Hz refresh rate. Therefore I highly doubt that successfully competing with Quest 2 will be a doable task for Pico Neo 4.
    I personally think that focusing more on PC connectivity on the budget would make Neo 4 a dangerous competitor for Meta. Instead, Pico simply tries to step in with a hardware that's a little bit improved Quest 2, but not so impressive with the remaining, but still crucial, technical aspects.

  2. Until I personally try this myself, I don't mind using this mainly for PCVR. My Quest 2 just serves good enough for portable VR gaming.

  3. Preordered yesterday.
    I will just sideload games into it and use it for PCVR as well.
    Quest 2 was uncomfortable, front heavy, with poor lenses.
    Pico 4 seems like THE headset for me!

  4. Perfect if you want more data shared without consent than Facebook does, let’s face it … we’ll never get what we’re after but will always be given what could have been better, only slower

  5. True that meta headset not sold in asia. but those headset were imported by resellers. It's selling a lot here in Thailand.

  6. I am not very familiar with the internal hardware side of things so I have a question for those who are. How does the XR2 processor hold up to this day? I know that it has been quiet a while since it's release and I feel like it might cause bottlenecks for the rest of the hardware.

  7. Would be interesting to see if there is adoption by the flight simulator community, as that is my area of interest. The Quest 2 is already quite awesome and wireless AirLink works great. So this needs to be a serious step-up on Quest 2 to justify more money spent.

  8. I gotta say, it looks like Pico waited to see how third party companies handled improving the Quest 2 and just applied it to their headset by default. And for just a little more than the quest 2, I think a whole lot of people will be choosing this over the Quest 2 now.

  9. I absolutely hate the God rays on the Quest 2, so this pancake lens sounds great. While higher resolution sounds good, it also means you'll need better hardware to push those extra pixels. I think those tracking rings are fugly, but I like that they're designed not to bump each other, which happens all the time on Quest 2 when reloading guns.

  10. They've implemented some genuine innovation on the hardware side. Very nice.

    They need to sell them in the USA though, it's by far the biggest market – they're going to struggle to turn a profit targeting Europe and Asia, where there are so many native languages that indie developers will almost completely overlook their entire eco system simply due to the cost and complexity of language localisation. VR market is already too small without that additional hurdle to overcome.

    This means software library will be small, though high quality, but consumers will shelve their units even faster than they already do in US with Quests.

    Long term that's very bad for Pico.

    Get these units into the USA though, and you double the market size and half the complexity of development. Suddenly you'll see a genuine competitor for Meta.

    And that would be awesome.

  11. It really looks impressive,I might see how well it’s doing a couple of months into next year and maybe get one,I got psvr when that came out then got quest 2 when that came out and I’ve got 207 games for it so far,we shall see and I might treat myself 🤪

  12. Glad for the completion but I ain't supporting anything coming from tik tok the biggest source of cancerous content on the Internet , some of the worst stuff I've ever seen , shame we need a company that isn't just utter garbage working on standalone vr they would win everything right now , people love quest but hate Facebook , people will like the Pico but will disspise tik tok we need something different

  13. Wow! Tbh I'm really sceptical of the software side considering it's proven TikTok grabs data anyhow they possibly can. But the headset itself looks like a real banger and I'm highly considering buying one. Can't wait for your hands on!

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