Cancel Culture Is Dying…?

Clip from Lew Later (This Clip Of Elon Musk Has Everyone Talking…) –


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  1. The lady that died had every chance to stay alive, was warned, and literally went over a barrier with known armed security behind it. Just FYI

  2. Consider what he said after Trump after he was banned, he wasn't coming back to Twitter at all. He would start his own chat where people could talk freely

  3. ashley bobbit was shot by a cop there, and the media lied and said the other dude was hit with a fire extinguisher. he wasnt. he went to the hospital later that day from a heart attack and died at the hospital.

  4. Everybody seems to remember January 6th and love bringing up deaths that occurred that day, but those same people forget BLM riots where dozens died and billions in damage

  5. Wait, wanna explain that again? One or two people died on January 6th? Maybe you should stick to the electronics guys because it seems you're still drinking the Kool aid!

  6. We need Trump back, low gases prices amazing economy. Biden administration an absolute disaster, dude cannot even complete a sentence.

  7. As a fellow Canadian don't fall into the bs Jan 6 insurrection fake news narrative. Read the twitter files. We all know the left lies and project their crimes to their adversaries. Russian collusion was all made up. But Clinton and Biden do have lots of ties with Russia all well documented if you spend any time doing research

  8. I remember at least 2 people died, a woman trying to break in to the Capitol alongside other crazy fools and also a cop, those people were crazy and were sent by Trump but I think even Trump didn't realize how violent his supporters were gonna be

  9. The thing is, there’s people on social media who have said a lot worse than trump on social media and they never got banned like trump did. Trump has his way with words no doubt but he didn’t deserve that.

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