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  1. Please do not buy any products of IZICART (My suggestion)! Because it's not Made in India it's assembled in india import from china No 1 reason, 2nd IZI's board of director's anti India nd anti hindu sentiment Her name is "Nasreen khan" she is a leftist islamic Women who support anti India (Hindu) sentiments !! So if you give them money it will help them to promote terrorism in INDIA against Us our culture!! This is a Deep survey after checking everything i suggest to do not buy IZI's drone or any products ! They are using our emotions (MADE IN INDIA) Against us !! Please don't Fund them !! Before buying anything please survey !!

  2. its another rebranding scam… Its chinese , one can easily see, the app displays Mandarin symbols, they couldnt even remake the app, and had to use chinese app with english language…🤦

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