The Gods Behind Virtual Reality | Jonathan Cahn Shorts

The Gods Behind Virtual Reality | Jonathan Cahn Shorts

Jonathan Cahn reveals an ancient mystery behind a phenomenon of high technology. To get Jonathan’s book The Return Of The …


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  1. Watch over your heart diligently for out of it, come the issues of life.
    There is a way that seems right to a man, but the end thereof is death.
    Don't turn to unreal lies, but seek God's way in all yours so we may stand before Him, approved of Him.

  2. John chapter 16 ist John chapter 4 Epphasian chapter 1 Read Trinty and daily continue prayers meeting beacuse Gód son of Jesus Christ curixifid on the cross ❌ and Dabuo curshing the Head and give you powerful blood healling stemp on the Head and blessed you and your family Amen Hallelujah

  3. Rabbi Johnathan, you're so right , I can feel the pull… only closeness to GOD keeps us in true reality. Thank you…LORD JESUS CHRIST πŸ™ PLEASE KEEP ME CLOSE TO YOU..

  4. Not here !!! God is in me !!! Its about a personal relationship with Jesus . Who is our way to God our Father in Heaven JESUS IS COMING THATS ALL I KNOW AS A CHILD OF GOD

  5. I used to say that I am reality, I understand more Know, HE IS THE GREAT I AM, Father God in Heaven in the Name of Jesus Through The Holy Spirit. thank you teacher Amen…

  6. I have been thinking about the correlation between "spirits of the air" and radio waves, television signals ect. for awhile now. I think just maybe that the principalities have been using these types of things since their inception……

  7. I knew virtual β€œreality” was a spiritual problem, but not exactly why. I appreciate the explanation greatly. As Christians and parents we need to understand these things. I am a far better mom as long as God is in it. Without Him, the safety of our children is non-existent.
    Thank you, Lord, for loving us.
    Thank you, Jonathan, for explaining the evil behind the events of our time.

  8. Guys I’m a virtual reality engineer and work in video games, medical industry and tech for built up spaces. Johnathans message is starting to scare me 😒😒😭😭😭😭

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