Aliens: Dark Descent – Official Gameplay Overview

Aliens: Dark Descent - Official Gameplay Overview

A deep dive into all the ways you’ll have to deal with Xenomorphs in the upcoming Aliens strategy game. Aliens: Dark Descent will …


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  1. WHY NOT DO A starship troopers: extermination TYPE OF GAME WITH HORDS OF ALIENS AND PREDITORS you dummies

  2. "We've dumbed the game down for the console casuals"

    Can we not just have an intelligent, Tactical game that hasn't been geared towards the lowest, common denominators within society….

  3. If this is TURN BASE strategic like xcom it will be a blast! But this kind of real time strategy gameplay doesnt seem to fit it. MEHH!!!

  4. Ow please give us more content to consume after release because this looks fantastic, please don't try to sell us overpriced skins

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