Apple's Mixed Reality Mystery Headset: What WWDC Needs To Discuss

Apple's Mixed Reality Mystery Headset: What WWDC Needs To Discuss

How will Apple get us to want to wear an expensive VR headset? What could it change about our expectations? Let’s break it …


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  1. hmm 3000 Dollars is a price only apple devotees will pay to get their hands on the Apple VR headset. the good things is Apple has
    about the best design for a VR Headset. the question is will Apple stay with this device. if it is around 3 years from now I think Apple has a winner, by then maybe 2023's device will cost 700 to a thousand Dollars something People can afford to buy

  2. Rumors suggest the headset will be named as Reality Pro, and the Pro in Apple branding usually referring as tools for productivity. If it is true, the obvious use cases of the expensive headset would be in the editing room for movie and TV shows, or at the backstage in any live performance which usually need highly portable with equally high performance systems. In addition, I won't be surprised if DJI was invited on stage to show how to use new app to control the drone or any unman vehicles in other specialized fields from science and engineering.

  3. If they want mass adoption, as in the iPhone, better keep the price down. This is a bad decision in the current economic climate.

  4. Most important thing will be the eye strain and motion/flicker nausea. Even if you have your VR legs, these can present issues with extended or repetitive use.

  5. No matter how much it is rumored and expected, you cannot say "upcoming" if it's not officially announced yet. The way you guys and many other media outlets keep reporting on this is quite weird and a bit annoying too 😅

  6. Ya no. There is nothing fun to do in VR or AR. The games just are not there. Hopefully some day I can just ask an AI to make me a VR game I would actually fully enjoy. I am so sad at how feeble this VR stuff turned out. There is just no content. The bread is stale.

  7. I feel the apple watch will evolve towards a type of hand bci type controller when their second version comes out

  8. VR headsets are yesterday’s tech. They’re like 3-D TVs; here today; gone tomorrow. The VR headset ship has already sailed. VR headsets are just novelties not true innovation.

  9. Apple has been building their patented technology towards this headset slowly over the year. Spatial Audio from Airpod, Lidar from iPhone, U1 (proximity awareness for gestures controller) from iPhone, Mac, Airtag, Airpod, Continuity (seamless integration with all other devices including MacOS, iOS) from Mac and iPhone, Facial recognition and Memoji for avatar profile, Arcade for gaming, geometric awareness from Watch, motion awareness from Watch and so on. It’s not like these techs are new, Apple has been laying the groundwork for sometimes. Let’s see how far they will improve these techs for their headset.

  10. It must be able to be used as multiple monitors, and it must look like as real one, in that case it is cheaper to pay $3.000 for 3 VR monitors that you can use it anywhere, in plane, nature..

  11. Ya i’m really interested to see what apple does. But I’d rather have multi tasking on iPhone and a better Siri as the next update. That’s really needed

  12. I know so many people getting sick of AR and VR applications, so I think, even I’m a enthusiast, that it will be lined up for utter fail.

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