I tried Apple Vision Pro – My First Impressions!

I got a chance to try the Apple Vision Pro. It’s WILD. Social Networks: Join my Discord Server: https://discord.gg/F7Q2F7aque …


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  1. It’s just a way to put us in a numb fake reality way for ai to take over and I swear this product needs to be plugged into a wall outlet

  2. All good but why? How long will the excitement of having a big desktop screen in front your face last? A couple weeks? Its still just YOU using them and no one else in the room will be able to join you or experience at the same time. Its still like the hype surrounding the Oculus Quest headset. Its cool for about an hour then you need to put it away. So far, all Apple did show are pictures, a desktop and a lot of screens and talk about what is possible. When developers can show off, then we'll know but for now, it's another major movie shown at a different theater.

  3. How can you still be called uravgconsumer, when this product is literally not got a chance of being enjoyed by the average consumer 😂😅???

  4. So…. This is all so very cool, but to be honest, it’s actually really scary to me. But hopefully there’s no evil intent with this technology.. it’s wild. Just thinking ahead and wondering what the Apple vision pro second generation is gonna look like probably cordless idk… I’m just a skeptic leaving a comment guys don’t pay me any attention.

  5. i am so excited for this you have no idea lmao i woke up this morning to download virtual desktop to my quest 2 and my mbp m1 and ive been playing around all morning

  6. I have a theory that the new camera system on the new iPhone pros this year will be able to capture the 3D video/photos for the Vision Pro. I don’t see how anyone at Apple would think taking videos and photos with just the headset would be a good idea but if you could capture them with the iPhone it would be socially acceptable but that is just my theory.

  7. How else is thankful that there are people pushing the boundaries. So we can have nice stuff like this

  8. So after watching the Apple presentation, I was really blown away by this product especially with the price.
    But it would be cool to have porn playing muted while having a casual conversation with my wife and she would never know 🤔

  9. The thing they did with the mac, I really hope it will be possible to do the same with windows at some point, not because I want a bigger screen of my windows computer, but because I can play windows games on it.

  10. Apple sets new standards and this will speed up the VR/AR competition to whole new level with the other brands, finally we came to this new era😊

  11. Im just going to say it, this cool but i dont care. Theres to much to enjoy in life to waste time with virtual reality.
    To those that enjoy this! Rock on and enjoy it! Not mad at ya’ll one bit!

  12. Youve got some things mixed up. The apple vision pro is whats called a xr (extended reality) headset, which essentially is a vr headset which uses passthrough to show the real world. The tech which will get shrinked down in the future and replace smartphones are ar (augmented reality) headsets, they are seethrough and blend in overlays into your perception.

  13. So Vision Pro v2.0 needs to be smaller but still packs same tech, battery life needs to be drastically improved and price drop to $1300

  14. I get it, it’s not expensive just because it’s an Apple product, there’s over 4K resolution on each eye, the latest Apple processor, tons of sensors and even a useless screen outside of it, but for the price, I could get a MacBook, an iPhone, a PS5, a PS5 VR, an Apple Watch…

  15. if it was something I could afford, I would give it ago. maybe in the next 10, or 20 years, I'll be able to, got to save for a house first (dreaming big) and by then I bet they will be just like normal glasses.

  16. I bet that 3D camera comes to the iPhone 15 and you can shoot the memories on your phone, but fully immerse in the memory with the headset later.

  17. Not sue why people are tripping about making 3D movies and pictures' while an event is goin on. No one remembers home movies on VHS or Betamax?? Imagine being a tourist, and taking 3D pictures!!

  18. Great reactive video. I agree with one of the other comments, you need to try it before you buy it. By the way, nice shirt.👍🏾

  19. Sounds revolutionary. Can’t wait to try it out. I’d wait a few generations or at least 2-3 years before purchasing for the feedback!

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