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  1. IGN iPhone videos always have the dumbest comment section lmao. Nobody here knows anything about phones. First of all iPhone's display is engineered by Apple, not Samsung. And battery life on last year's iPhone 14 pro max still outperformed the latest Samsung Galaxy Ultra. And this 15 pro max is even better this year. Don't understand the people who ignorantly say that Apple "didn't improve" battery. Like are you guys coming from that one brick-looking energizer phone that has a 5 day battery?

  2. who needs a next gen gaming console when Apple iphone 15 provides you an all-in-one device that pretty much as powerful and offers more functionality.

  3. Why can't we have an honest review about the product: Minimalist changes, recycled camera from last year, tweaks on the material used on the high-end models. 15 mins, brag about the company's sustainability effort, which is excellent, but this is a mandate. It does not provide Apple a competitive advantage. If you're defending Apple, you blindside because you're a fan-boy.

  4. the iphone 16 is going to be the big flagship iphone.. wether its phone design or some type of software thats going to be the one that makes everyone feel like apple has upgraded there phone even more.. but for a person like me coming from a 12 pro max.. ill be fine with a 15 pro max for another 3 years lmaoooo

  5. The biggest apple scam is the action button being exclusive to the new models. This feature can easily be enabled in all phones via a simple software update…but somehow its made to look impossible

  6. Android only fans have no life and they prove it by running to every Apple review to whine about the review score. It’s embarrassing but a way of life for those people. This seemed like a fair review based on someone who has actually used the phone

  7. I'm sorry, ign reviewing phones is just not ok. They shouldn't be reviewing tv shows/movies either. Stick to games, your opinions on movies or phones, keep them pls

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