Driving Tesla Cybertruck: Everything You Need to Know!

Behind the wheel and every detail and spec of the new “Beast Mode” Cybertruck from Tesla! Get Ridge’s Carry-On and more at …


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  1. it's cool that they've released something that I'd imagine would be on the roads in 2023 when I was a kid but honestly it looks pretty ugly and for the same price there's some sweet ESUVs you could get

  2. i bet all my life savings that that door button will fail, and that stainless steel concept thingy will look like a rat rod in 5 years.
    You heard it right, im risking all of my 10$.

  3. Never thought id see the day where a $100k vehicle shipped with hubcaps lol that is the most ghetto thing ever. Call it areo all youd like it is the cheapest thing you could put on a vehicle and i bet tesla will charge 1000 per cap

  4. Yea hard pass, I’m sticking with buying a used loaded Mercedes’ Benz. But I will not lie, imagine pulling up to a convention in that, would be pretty sick ngl.

  5. The Tesla truck. Or the single ugliest "truck" I've ever seen. Its so ugly it hurts my feelings. It's not a work truck that's for sure. The F150, or the Ford flammable truck, is more of a work truck. The inside cabin isn't built for a crew traveling. Did i mention how ugly it is? How did this get into production? I get it's supposed top be a futuristic truck but this design isn't futuristic it's 4:55 on a Friday. You have to give it to Tesla though for being able to sell that idea. This is literally a perfect example of poor design. It would be interesting to see how well they sell.

  6. Looks to me like they realised they couldn't ever achieve their reasonable price point and just said fuck it and went for gimmicks. Utterly impractical and too expensive for a work truck.

  7. the door edges not having something to dampen a possible collision with other cars when you open the door is dumb,there should be a soft material to not scratch other cars parked next to you

  8. This thing will never be sold out of US
    Unsure about its impact and economics of building and developing such product for such a small market and potential customer base

  9. Did they fix adaptive cruise crontrol not needing the camera to be clear? Cause in rain/snow it doesn't work due to Tesla Vision FSD.

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