Apple Agrees to Turn on RCS for the iPhone!

In this clip, Marques and David go over the Sunbird x Nothing chat app and Apple bringing RCS to the iPhone. Watch full episode: …


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  1. Funny how the EU can't make up its mind – they want to guaranty privacy, but their security services don't want encryption so they can peek at message contents.

    If there was consistency in the EC they'd be pushing for end-to-end encryption.

  2. It would be nice if Apple creates an iMessage app for android (if possible). rather than relying on a third party app to provide the iMessage app/service for android. tis will ensure that no user's personal information won't be compromised….

  3. by the way you guys are lying. Apple never agree to nothing. they were told they had to do it by the EU and that's too funny. too funny Apple was never going to do it.. you act like oh. we're so nice! we're going to go ahead and do it. that's not true. Apple is a dirty dog

  4. This is a situation where big government in the EU wants to spy on the people. Look at the heavy handed control they loosed on people during Covid era. Mandated shots, cards, masks, eating facilities just to name a few. Now they want to scrutinize eveything we do and say via phone.

  5. Finally messaging my boyfriend won’t suck! Aside from him my entire family and all but one of my friends have iPhones. Looking forward to finally having images and videos not look like crap.

  6. Ok so I know no one will believe this but the sunbird creator was my IT guy and he really was great so I’m very surprised to hear about the security flaws…

  7. I’m so super duper excited about this!!! I text my sister a lot & she’s on android and doesn’t ever want to get an iPhone so this is the best news ever for me!!!!🫨🤩🥳🤓

  8. They’ll have to differentiate RCS from SMS though? Different shades of green? Cause not everyone has data, and not everyone has a smartphone.

  9. Sunbird must be run by idiots. Many web hosting platforms automatically enable TLS encryption by default so no HTTPS is inexcusable. Lack of Database encryption is more understandable but not really. Simple global key encryption is way better than nothing, but they should def figure out a more intricate solution

  10. Encyrpted in transit means the initial connection to base stations will store the messages in plain text which is a security risk that allows eavesdroppers to use spy cells to view the contents and media of the message while in transit. This is how government agencies tap phones utilizing 4G and 5G technologies. Applications like whatsapp and signal use the signal protocol for end-to-end enryption. With signal, messages can still be inercepted however eavesdrppers won't be able to decrypt the messages.

  11. I hope this is implemented in a way that iPhone users don't need to turn RCS on. Otherwise, it essentially doesn't work since most iPhone users don't seem techy or interested enough to actually find out how to turn it on and then go and do it.

    Hopefully, Apple has an update that just forces it on, and then if people want to, they can turn it off (they probably won't because of my last paragraph). I guess we will see

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