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  1. PlayStation straight up deleted peoples' purchased digital content because of licensing issues with very little warning and no refunds issued. Regardless of what licensing issues Discovery and Warner Bros might've caused, the point is there is no guarantee your digital purchases will be safe in the long term. An all-digital future for games must be avoided at all cost.






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  2. Sony is a rental service and an expensive one.
    The concept of buying means you can resell, lend, gift…
    All this is FORBIDDEN even though you pay much more for their games, on their platform.
    I lost access to all my games in my American psn store, they all simply disappeared, no registration of them ever being purchased. I live in Germany and must contact Sony in the US, which I have been trying for over 2 years. They put me on hold for hours. They STOLE my games from my account and nothing has been done. Sony MUST lose that lawsuit against them to at least be shaken! All players will win from this even if so many think and consider this lawsuit a nonsense!

  3. This is exactly why I buy physical when I can. Same thing happened to me at the end of the X360 days. Didn't get noticed due to the botched launch of the XBOX One.

  4. Yep, That is why downloading and keeping backups with any digital media (and obtaining said media from a non-exclusive source) is always a must. I was an avid torrent user before the whole crackdown on third party content….

  5. I sent my psvr2 back for exchange with their label . They denied the replacement said it was too old when I sent it in . I was on vacation for 2 weeks before I sent it back. I said ok please send it back they said sorry we dont have it . We know its frustrating we apologize. Also no refund and if I dispute the charge they will close my psn account with 30 plus games on it. People may think this is bs but I have all the proof and it is scary as hell. Took $600 from me and said what are you going to do about it.

  6. Old news, already happened somewhere else in the world due to licensing agreements I believe. Still not good, but yeah, I will never be buying anything on console except video games.

  7. We will never have digital games, unless we have a hard drive with 100tb of storage or ssd card with 100tb of storage. maybe in the future. When those cards are cheaper and hard drives with 500tb of storage memory. with just 4 digital games you can fill up a 1tb storage memory.

  8. Pretty simple: if the button says ‘Buy’ or ‘Purchase’ you should have every expectation to own that item/file/copy as long as you want, for as long as the medium used to play it on remains functional.

    It did not say ‘rent’, ‘lease’ or ‘buy license’ on the button. If it’s stuck on page 15 of a TOS or EULA, that’s where governments need to step in and say nope: not allowed to treat customers that way.

  9. Playstation customer support has already said to me with there free games you get from them that they can remove those games from your library without warning

  10. If/when Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo move to subscription only digital content, this will become the norm. Subscription customers don’t actually purchase any content, so providers/publishers can do whatever they want and there’s not much one can do about it if they remove games or move them to more expensive subscription tiers.

  11. Not freaking out about this but it is wrong for them to do that the only way I see this happening to games is if those DLCs ,Battle passes, and skins stop selling. we’ve seen games get pulled before after people have already purchased them mostly in mobile gaming.

  12. Everyone wants to act all surprised and say "OH NO THIS HORRIBLE COMPANY"
    You do realize you agree to all of this when you sign up to use their services? You do realize that 99% of things online could up and disappear over night and theres nothing we can do about it?
    It sucks yes but theres nothing we can do.

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