The Cybertruck has arrived. Different than expected in many ways… but still a BEAST of a machine that I cant wait to get my hands …


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  1. Enjoyed your review but the metal comparison was a bit cringy. Firstly you started comparing aluminium to stainless to only demostrate stainless against mild steel. Also what test is useful in the real world at -185. My thoughts is in a crash however minor its going to bend those ss panels and now your forking out a large bill to replace or fix them compare to aluminium. I dont think it adds anything other than being different. Do we know if the chassis is ss as that would have some benefits for corrosion

  2. The event itself was pretty big disappointment, there are loads of cool accessories on the website and about the CT that they could have talked about.

    I literally thought they were joking when they threw a BASEBALL at the window and classing it as 'trying it again'.. And 250kw charging speed is last gen tech.

    and now the Range extender is a battery pack that takes up 1/3rd of the bed! that's disappointing. just to get it slightly close to it's orignal claimed range of 500 miles. surely they can cram 170kwh into the main pack. I mean I thought that was the whole point of structural pack is that you can fit more in there? At the moment it's rumored to only be 120kwh.
    The extra trunk in the bed should have been at least big enough to fit the spare tyre like the rivian has it.
    To be honest, Id rather have the Rivian. it's almost the same price too. Apparently, the Rivian is more aerodynamic is which is pretty crazy.

  3. I completely agree with all of your points, especially about the glass! And thought throwing a baseball at the glass was just stupid and not a repeat of throwing a metal ball at it. I was also hugely disappointed with the $21K and $30k price increases, reduced range and reduced load capacity, and towing capacity. Elon lied to us just to get reservation money, which gave Tesla millions of dollars to use interest free for 4 years. I completely believe now that they knew the truck couldn't be made with those numbers for the initial price points. I'm cancelling my reservation and probably won't be buying another Tesla again for many, many years. Just so tired of the undeliverable hype from Elon, he's doing what legacy auto does.

  4. wasnt a fan of this episode, half of it is nothing about freezing metal to -300f and the other is all speculation. gotta get content out i guess…logan paul

  5. I would like to see you have a cybertruck to try before making partial in-depth comments about it. that way you have real world experience with it first before criticizing it.

  6. good thing we arent driving our cars in outer space or we'd have those damn glass side panels! …. jeezus….who gaf if it doesnt whatsoever aply? neat drama tho…

  7. Call the b***** about the f**** spare tire is the same way spare tires in pickup trucks were for decades. Realistically there is a spare tire in the bed of every pickup truck you threw crap on it it was just there it was no big deal.
    Man I love you but throwing a spare tire in the bed of your pickup truck in no way the gates the fact that you have a pickup truck.
    I've never owned a fancy new pickup truck over the spare tire under the bed it was always in the bed

  8. If you're going to use a your truck as a mobile base power station, the Hummer with it's 212kw batttery with Vehicle to Load adaptor maybe be better for you.

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