The Day Before – Before You Buy

The Day Before - Before You Buy

The Day Before (PC) has launched in early access. Let’s talk about it. Subscribe for more: ▽ Watch …


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  1. I can forgive all manner of sub standardness from an online game on release day: Bugs, crappy servers, balance issues , etc.

    But a game being a completely different type of sub genre than what was advertised and promised from announcement all the way up to release day is unforgivable.

    Guess I'll just have to stick to State of Decay 2 and 7 days to die.

  2. It looks like an Alpha Version of Ubisoft's The Division. 😀 Graphically it sure got it's charme, but that's where it's already ends… really sad 🙁 I was silly enough to had hopes until the last minute.

  3. Falcon shit on this game for a little over 15 minutes straight lol. Could have made a 5 minute video stating “this game sucks, the end” but nope lol. This one hit home lol.

  4. I believe if the devs take a look at this video, They would fix the game much better. You just laid out everything. I can’t imagine how they did this without learning from division. U just took cover photo lol 😅

  5. Wow …. At 06:59 …. Yeah … Are they supposed to be Zombies or are you being attacked by humans with pants AI?
    'cos they don't look like Zombies!

    The lady at the back looks like she dropped her bus ticket and the guy on the right is about to apologise for asking if you found Jesus 😲
    What a mess. I feel sorry for the some of the Devs – are they allowed to do that thing that Directors sometimes do and not use their real names in the "credits"?

    Edit: Hey Falcon, you're being a bit harsh, looking at the performance … I think that "two" physical players IS a full server 🤣😂😝

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