OnePlus Watch 2 Review: Total Redemption!

Hybrid powertrain in a smartwatch. Now that’s an idea. OnePlus Watch 2: MKBHD Merch: http://shop.


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  1. Great implementation and utilisation of power, but I take my watch off at least twice a day to shower, I charge mine then and it rarely is below 50%by end of day and it is Samsung watch that I got from ebay. Anyone can let me know in real world why having days of battery life is better than just a little every day habit?

  2. 'Or', my Omega or Hamilton or Christopher Ward can stay on my wrist, and all those notifications and other annoyances can simply wait until I feel like pulling my phone out and getting back to them. I love tech and have worked in the enterprise sector for many years, but I still don't see much of a point in these wrist toys.

  3. Nothing special, few years old Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro holds 1 week easily. Went for week on a trip and didnt even take the charger with me. I`m usually Samsung fan, but no point in charging watch every night if you want sleep tracking.

    EDIT: Also no waiting for your notofications. Strange that all "competitiors" ar with low batteries, no Garmin, no Huawei etc….

  4. I gave up Android smartwatches and went with Garmin Instinct. It's the perfect mix between analog and smartwatch. At least a month of battery life and if I get sun on the solar panel I might not need to charge at all. And it has more smartwatch functionality than android. The App is amazing. Plus it's much less distracting.

  5. It's kinda fun to see the date and time that the watch shows throughout the video. It really shows all the time and editing that goes into this stuff. One moment it's 11am, then 9am, then 2pm

  6. How's that battery life any impressive? A $200 amazfit lasts more than a week with all sensors maxed out (without screen always on which is annoying anyway).

  7. A review of a smartwatch is useless until it talks about the accuracy of its measurements, I hope the reviewers will get this as soon as possible. They have been reviewing the smart watches the way they review smart phones, but they don't understand these are two entirely different beasts.

    Despite all the features if the watch is giving me wrong numbers with regards to heart rate or calories etc, then all the features and battery life are worth nothing. A lot of smart watches are just too inaccurate and thus gimmicky and therefore useless. Let's talk about the real thing first.

  8. Huawei Watch 4 Pro also has snapdragon w5 but longer battery life and released last year, even have a high glucose monitoring if you live in china. IPhone and Android compatibility. 🤭 Does this even lte?

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