RCS for iPhone Coming This Fall!

In this clip, Marques, Andrew, and David talk about Google leaking when Apple plans to bring RCS to the iPhone! Watch full …


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  1. ive had the swipedown for so long (i have an s21 ultra) and ive always found it annoying but helpful i thought everyone knew about it 😭

  2. Go to Goodlock>edge lighting>scroll down till you see "Prevents swipe down" and turn it on! That should fix the popup window issue with notifications!

  3. I use iPhone, all my friends have blue bubbles, and it feels like these YouTube channels are the only people in the US using Android phones. I know there’s dozens of you out there – why do you use Android, and how are the apps compared to iOS?

  4. when you think marking is not working on you is when it has done it job right giving yo the illution that you are making the choices.

  5. Plot twist: A third company comes along thst figures out a universal system where RCS and iMessage works together, but under a new format as messages is a universal phone language that shouldn't have anything to do with competition or choice of phone.

    What does ecosystem have to do with sms?

  6. I dont really care about green vs blue bubbles. All i care about it better quality videos and pictures being sent back and forth. I dont even care about read receipts. Lmao childs play

  7. It is most likely that the RCS bubbles will be green but I think they should be purple because it's going to be important to differentiate them from SMS bubbles

  8. Saint internet. The levels. The conglomerating.

    Also my iPad still busted don’t know how to fix it and like I did go to Apple and they said something about Apple is a different system from google and like I think they means something and I don’t know but like what are these big tech companies doing. I literally just want to get pictures of my niece.

    Also can we get the MKBHD jay z tech skyscraper. 2024 .

  9. About the notification pop up… why are you not using the Default Android Pop Up…? I always had issues with them either because they are too small (can’t read anything passed the max limit allowed) and like the issue you’re having. Go into the settings and change the pop up to be like a regular android phone and you get a bigger and in my opinion nicer looking pop up or “notification” that also has buttons/reply option and you won’t get that annoying swipe down issue anymore

  10. I’ve been saying this. It will not change color. And Apple won’t make a distinction. If they do I’ll be surprised, but I expect high-res video and pics and green voice memos

  11. i honestly dont believe in the effectiveness of some ads or product placement
    a little while ago at lunch we talked about this at work and just remembered old jingles, and we ALL knew them
    then i asked who had actually bought that brand ever in their life and nobody had.
    maybe we are not the target audience, but i dont wanna say 'were too intelligent' for it to work on us, if this really is subconscious it would work on everyone, no?
    but in a room of 20 people where everyone knew a jingle they had been hearing for like 20 years of their life….and some didnt even remember the brand it was for!
    i half think the idea that this shit is effective is just being perpetuated because advertising and product placement is such a huge market and nobody whos in it would wanna admit it actually does nothing

  12. We will have to see what Apple does. I hope RCS is incorporated into iPhones sometime soon, and I hope it is somewhat more “identifiable” than what it is being made out to be.

  13. Well since the S24 ultra paid Google to add a bunch of their AI features that are free today but where Samsung will start charging next year (subscription based is what I heard)… the question is do you want to get used to a phone knowing the features you are experiencing will be another monthly charge versus the Pixel which will continue to offer these features free on their phones? Guess it is a question one has to ask oneself. I'm tired of endless subscription services to add yet another or to get used to it to only have it go away the following year because I don't want to pay a subscription.

  14. Maybe they "accidentally leaked it" because it is a technology they've been using for years and they don't consider having it as a breakthrough. Problem with the iPhone "cult" is no matter what they introduce, even if it is something that existed for decades, they make it look like a breakthrough that will save humanity.

  15. If you want to switch to an Android phone, I'd go with the Oneplus 12. I switched from an iPhone after over a decade to a Oneplus 12 and I couldn't be happier. I tried switching to a Samsung S21 Ultra about 4 years ago and I hated the phone for many reasons, but now I couldn't be happier with Oneplus 12. Transfer files and apps from iPhone to a Oneplus 12 was easier than transfer between iPhones, performance, hardware and software are top notch, you get an 80W fast charger in the box, plus the its very price friendly. Also, despite being considered "amazing and top notch", Samsung phones are very glitchy, and some glitches really involve basics and should never happen as frequently, and so far I haven't seen this on the Oneplus 12. Oneplus 12 is the phone to switch to.

  16. 2:55 go to settings, scroll down to apps, click on. The three dots on the top right, select "special access", scroll down to "appear on top" and toggle the setting off for all apps or select the ones you don't want to appear as floating windows.

  17. No matter what they do it, we'll still turn it off, since it can't send texts automatically when no internet or the other person has his data connection off, despite having the option. that's a shame since it makes most of our emergency texts not reach on time, its really stupid of google not being able to pull this off

  18. RCS is just a protocol like SMS supported by the Messages app. Only a message sent via the iMessage service will have blue bubbles, and everything else will be green bubbles. It's possible that a different color like purple could be used to differentiate between RCS and SMS. What this will give you is encrypted messaging with high-res photos and videos, and typing and read flags. However, there are a lot of features specific to the Messages app and iMessage service, like message apps, reactions, stickers, etc.

  19. I honestly just want group chats to work better when rcs comes with androids. Like if my friend leaves to android they will still be in the group chat

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