Big MKBHD Drama & Accusations, Sydney Stabbings, What Iran’s Israel Attack Exposed, & Today’s News

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  1. 95 billion… why is no one talking about that in the comments? That’s probably the single most important point in this whole video, it isn’t coming out of their pockets. We are going to have to bare that weight. Taxes are already bad as it, inflation is only going to get worse

  2. The NSW police is clearly racist, my time in Sydney has shown that they use mental health issues and other excuses like wanting a girlfriend for light skin people and terrorist for brown people

  3. Wow, that’s crazy man. I thought the same thing. I was like this guy saying that he doesn’t like this product that is a terrible product that’s got to be terrible for the brand.

  4. I suspect one of the sad collateral damage of the Bondi Junction attack will be the homeless in Bondi. Over the last two decades Bondi has made a greater and greater effort to push them out of waverly as the area became more and more affluent..They used to be everywhere particulary by the beach taking shelter in the picnic huts by the pavilion or in some the cave areas by the cliff. But as the rich moved into bondi i guess they decided multimillion dollars homes cant share the area with the homeless.
    I think this incident will further that.
    There has been a homeless woman quite well known to the community who has for a few years sat at the front of the bronte westfields entrance with a sign asking for money. She has always been friendly and polite and people in the community generally respond positive to her. They talk to her, sit with her sometimes and give her food and money. I can even remember an incident where someone was being a jerk to her (i believe they kicked away her money cup) and even the westfield security guy stood up for her.
    I have not seen her since the incident and fear the police might have pushed her to move along.
    I hope i am wrong and i see her soon.

  5. I appreciate your honest take on MKBHD. I also believe he's a good man that ultimately has everyone's best interests at heart. You have a new sub, sir. Great video!

  6. @8:55 you were quick to mention that there's no evidence that the first stabbings were Islamic terrorism (good job)

    but @10:43 you conveniently omitted the fact that the attack was religiously motivated, the attacker after being pinned down by the congregation, confessed on video that he attached the pastor because he "insulted" prophet muhammad.

    poor journalism

  7. One of MKBHD's bad review was the air purifier headphone from dyson. I don't see dyson will be killed as a brand in near future, because the brand itself has other solid good products that people like before they decided to release the "weird/innovative" product.

    1st product for brand is always have to be the good one and actually has a solid usecase if they want to survive, or don't release it at all.

  8. Guys guys, the killer is not a Muslim, so he is not a terrorist, just relax he is just mentally ill.
    So to put it simply, non-muslim shooter, the reason he kill people he is mentally ill, bad behavior, an asshole, etc. , but a Muslim shooter immediately brand him a Terrorist ,even if you dont even know what his name is, what his motives or anything, cause the terrorists name is reserved for Muslims 😊

    But be careful no one mention the Christian man who killed a Muslim child and nearly killed his mother too inside their house becaaaause they are muslims in Illinois …. SHUSH!!

  9. The Humane AI hardware is on the right track. I feel the software is on the right track also, BUT Humane should've done more troubleshooting/testing. Would've been nice to see where this thing takes us.

  10. The father's testimony was tragic but what about the little girl who was injured and lost her mom? That's a fate worse than death. I wish her strength and wisdom through this senseless violence

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