$20K vs $2,000,000 Hybrid Car!

If electric cars are the future, are hybrids the present? @TheTripleFCollection: https://www.youtube.com/@TheTripleFCollection …


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  1. Genuine question, no malice; why do people think electric cars are no emissions when the power has to come from somewhere. And we haven't gotten to a stage with grid power being fully renewable

  2. I think Hybrids are the worst of both worlds. Still burn fuel. Still have the same service requirements for the ICE, but with added cost, weight and complexity of batteries.

  3. And what’s powering the battery. MKBHD you should not be promoting poor fossil fuel vehicles to millions of people 🤦🏻‍♂️ this will influence people that should be buying electric cause they can afford them to a sub technology. Sigh 😞

  4. I'm surprised that McLaren hasn't tried to become the first supercar manufacturer to create a true electric supercar. The Taycan is more of a grand tourer, and the Rimac is just too overpowered and overweight. I know an electric supercar would have huge compromises, but I really want to see what can be accomplished when one of these big manufacturers puts their mind to it.

  5. Hence why I say companies shouldn't have jumped strait into EV's as hard as some of them did. Needed to ease people into it with plug in hybrids. Said it before, I'll say it again: Chevy shouldn't have abandoned the Volt. Great hybrid range on electric only and the engine only comes on when it barely needs to or on hard highway pulls. If I had one to go to work I would like never need gas, my commute is so short. But its nice to have that option of fueling up on road trips.
    We just still, this many years later, do not have the EV infrastructure yet. And what we do have, with chargers hard to find or usually broken or slower than promised, its not a good experience. And, with a good amount of people in the US at least living in apartments or condos that dont have a garage or the option to install their own EV charger, a pure EV is simply not an option for many people. Most apartment complex's still dont offer chargers, if they do they are VERY rare and few and far between.

  6. That battery is like the nitrous button on the need for speed games… does it charge faster if you drive on the wrong side of the road?

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