How Much AI Will We WWDC?

There was a lot to get into this week! First, Marques, Andrew, and David discuss Instagram testing unskippable ads before getting … source Read more »

S6 Edge vs. Desert Eagle

Carbon Fiber Skin (won’t stop bullets): The robots over at dbrand asked if I’d like to come take part in some … source Read more »

The Waveform Recommendations Gameshow!

It’s bonus episode time! What started as a small segment for Ellis to recommend something, turned into an entire dedicated … source Read more »

Don’t Ask Google's AI for Advice!

A lot happened this week! Marques, Andrew, and David jump into a ton of different topics ranging from the special edition Nothing … source Read more »

Microsoft’s MacBook Killer?

This week, Marques jumps right into it with Andrew and David about the OpenAI vs Scarlett Johansson drama regarding one of … source Read more »

Hey ChatGPT, Summarize Google I/O

This was a week full of AI events! First, Marques gives a few thoughts on the new iPads since he missed last week and then … source Read more »

New OLED iPad and Pixel 8a!

Marques was out sick when we recorded, so Andrew and David take over the pod and talk about all of the newest gadgets that … source Read more »

The Rabbit R1 is Just an App??

This week, Marques, Andrew, and David sit down to chat about birds. That’s it. That’s what the episode is about. But then they … source Read more »

The Rabbit R1 is Here!

This week, Marques, Andrew, and David dig deep into the Rabbit R1 and AI hardware devices in general. But first, they discuss … source Read more »

The future of Virtual Reality with Hugo Barra

This week, Marques and David talk with Hugo Barra about his blog post where he makes a number of points and observations … source Read more »