10 Crazy New Inventions You Didn’t Know Existed

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  1. If someone saw noki and they tried to rob a place with noki on it couldn't they just take it off or what if your in your house and you walk by your door would if open

  2. the desk…….. oh my god , a douchebag desk for a douchbag guy. Controlls your life and denies you to sit if you haven been to lazy. Reinventing the table, till you phone stops supporting it after some time, because no updates for it.

    A pump……… wow again amaaazing, how could we have survived the last 100 years without this pump, i cannot even.

    Wow a smal keyboard so i can work on an ipad…… yeah well fuck my eyes who need egonomics anyway.

    Hello elektic bike because why wait till you are old to feel old.

    Oh wow Car snake oil…………

    2 years for toy that cost what ……. too much for any kid, if you want a remote controll plane why not buying one for the same money.

    Skateboards are still a thing, so like with the electric bike, why wait to feel old if you can now act like a old person.

    Oh my goodness, if you are to stupid to use a key, hey you can use it via an app now………

    and a pokeball toy………..

    Amazing waste of time, you could have done to improve all lives, i am stupid guys with no enineering skills so i cant do it but you waste your talent for this kind of shit.

  3. the pokemon i think will evolve to 3D hologram's one day we can battle out like yu gi oh in kiba dule disk in a way.. just a thought but i think there heading there and I like it!

  4. Circuit scribe is a good product but I don't see how we will ever get to know it as electronics are sold in wholesale stores in Belgium and the circuit scribe is not in their product range. Capitani Brussels, Elak Brussels don't have that and normally customers can find there most uncommon electronic devices. We also have many selfemployed electrical engineers who could do scale circuiting on their desks or client presentations.

  5. For TorreX. Good product.Good price. Take into in account that in Belgium there are about 400 local soccer clubs and a 150 Basketball and Volleyball clubs. All those balls to pump…tsss

  6. For Mellow. I see few electric skateboard in Brussels. Two years ago there were more.Even if the product is of BMW standards the trick is to convince a 1500 euro skatboard byer to pay 1699 euros for the motor and the battery only. What I should do is to offer a trendy board for free at the purchase of the motor and the battery. That is doable.

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