20 Homemade Superhero Gadgets! (Web Shooters, Thor Hammer, Iron Man and More)

http://Instagram.com/jlaservideo A video compilation of all my superhero gadgets I build in 2017 enjoy! Projects include: Spiderman Web Shooters, Iron man …


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  1. hey jlaser I don't know if you'll see this comment or not but I hope you do. Because this might help you with your final peice to your spider-man web shooters. The fluid.
    I recently was browsing the web for how anything could just turn from solid to liquid and so far i didn't find anything useful but then I came across an artical about this substance that if shaken up can turn to solid, and if left alone should turn back to liquid.

    This is called "Non-Newtonian fluid". how to make it is simple: mix 450 grams of cornflour or dried custard with 475mls of water. and then you got the substance. best way to see if it works is to put it in a jar with a cover on it and try shaking it til it possibly hardens. if it works then you got your stuff.

  2. Please make a bag that can contain mutant in it and when we will shoot it the mutant will come from that bag

    so that it can last long
    and I am impressed of this web shooter that u made before

  3. This is so cool you should be a real super hero I think you could you can if you wanted to you could be the next iron man pls do it pls

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