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Electric scooters are not just for kids! Watch which is the best electric kick scooter for adults or the best e-scooter with seat for city commuters.There are quite a lot …


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  1. Hi I´m looking to buy several scooters for a tour operator located in Quito Ecuador, this is a city full of hills, so as for elder people I find s segway would be the solution since Quito Oldtown is actually a pedestrian only zone, is the any reccomendation on which segway would be suitable for uphills (45° )down hills on pavement and coblestone roads?
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  2. Single motor, the power and hosepower is a bit weak. For leightweight escooter with dual motors, then it should Cityrover S5, really amazing ability to climb up the hill, max speed at 15km/h with 65kg rider on scooter.

  3. You shopped out 5 of the shittiest scooters you could find?
    Did you got to 3 whole stores for this review?

    Ball kick for wasting my time

  4. TAKE CARE I bought an AIRBIKE ALI5 V2 in November 2017. I was pretty glad in the beginning (one year). Then a technical issue came out. In 2017 I sent 3 e-mails in three months asking for assistance as it was still in guarantee. I never received any answer from them. AN AWFUL EXPERIENCE INDEED !!! Finally the vehicle stopped to run definetely a few months ago. I had to search for an assistance here in my town (Turin – Italy). Recently I had to pay 85,00 Euro to set it up, but it still has problems to electric connectors on control unit (very difficult to work on it). TAKE CARE, DO NOT BUY THIS ITEM. YOU WILL NEVER GET HELP/ ASSISTANCE !!!!

  5. I ride a Razor E300. I am 36 yrs old, 233lbs, it goes 16mph, cost me 240$ through eBay. I have ridden it in rain and even a flood where the water was over the deck, I have even wrecked it, and it still keeps going. I use it as my main transportation, and it is highly upgradeable. I keep looking for something better… But alas, nothing yet.

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