Dope Tech of CES 2018! [Part 2]

CES = Cars, Robots and Electronics Show? This the finale recap! Dope Tech Part 1: Under-display fingerprint reader: Rollable TV video:…


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  1. Why can't car manufacturers just take a chance & actually mass produce the "AWESOME CONCEPT CARS" they design & Show-Off to us all at CES & the top 10 Cars Shows around the World? Just Why, cuz it'll be real Dope, & maybe, just maybe….prices for cars in general; let alone concepts, would actually get cheaper throughout the years. Especially if they'd started this trend decades ago! IMAGINE what we all COULD BE driving (Flying) around in today‼️¿¿

  2. I would make a Hole in my desk than put the rollable tv thing there so with a click of a button I can have a huge tv I front of my pc gaming setup thing

  3. that byton is sick, rest assured it wont become vaporware. they have an excellent management team (co founder was head of i8 development at BMW for 10 years), a great supply chain, and they no shortage of funding. plus that prototype looks SO good. i'm confident we'll see these on the road very soon.

  4. What if mail innovation is allowing us to send mail…. over the internet! They can call it something along the lines of net mail or electronic mail; maybe even e-mail for short? Interesting stuff!

  5. Mail innovation, I agree that just sounds like a perfect oxymoron. BUT!!, I will say the USPS informed delivery tech is really nice. It basically just send me scans of the outside of each of my letters to my email and/or app before it is delivered. This is a great tech for those of us with a PO box.

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