Huawei Mate 10 Pro: The Real Deal?

Huawei Mate 10 Pro: You’ve either seen it everywhere… or you’ve never seen it. Mate 10 Pro skins: Video Gear I use:…


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About the Author: Marques Brownlee


  1. Finally, someone that don't like rounded screen corners, like me!
    I don't know why the industry is going to notches and rounded corners… I hate it!

  2. Mk"Google sellout"Badreviews HD

    This guy is wack af, he is a shill whose taking a nice paycheck from Google to be their shill. If you want real cell phone reviews check out flossy carter, he still tells it how it is and doesn't have loyalty to any brand that's paying him under the table like ShillHD here

  3. I'd be curious to see a review of the P20 Pro when you can get your hands on one, if possible! That phone seems like… maybe one of the best possible smartphones.

  4. On the contrary the best thing about the back is the placement of the two cameras , it give it a unique Aesthetics

  5. First dislike for the channel since i subbed in 2013-2014. you were busy playing down the Huawei phone instead of the great review you give, hope the huawei p20 pro review is better

  6. I….. personally love Huawei's firmware.

    All the small tools that are included are fantastic. Truly my biggest firmware complaint is this: the messaging app. BUT, Huawei did say they are replacing it with Android messaging.

  7. What do you expect,bthe Chinese dont invent or create anything, they just steal it or copy it from someone else. They do it for EVERYTHING whether its a bootleg Starbucks to straight up copying Apple in their "flagship" products LOLOL Pathetic. Ill never buy a Chinese smartphone. Their hacks.

  8. Anybody have an idea, what do you get with let's say s8 plus that you don't get with mate 10? Except headphone jack because it's sad that people throw out 800 bucks for a phone and don't have 50 for Bluetooth headphones

  9. So, excluding the pixel – which is obviously the all round winner of 2017/2018 – is mate 10 pro the follow up? Because s8 series fingerprint sensor position Is so bad that it renders it useless for business users whose email accounts make it mandatory to have a quick unlock method. Lg V30 is good media phone but average at best in everything else… Sony and HTC failed hard, so what's left… I'd say pixel 2xl, mate 10 pro and then oneplus 5t

  10. Really good hardware, not a fan of the UI. Some of the photo comparisons come out well against other leaders (Pixel 2, U11, S9), but in some of them it does not. I would have to do pixel peeping to pick a favorite, but isn't it odd that Apple is no longer a top contender in the camera department?

  11. My first dislike on your channel you missed many good points on this phone even though im using a lg v30+ … i knew mate 10 pro is a beast … huawei is a much bigger and established players than htc and lg ..

  12. im from the year 2055 and i want to tell you that smartphones wont have screens anymore instid you put something idk its name on your head and you use your brain to do stuff in your phone and i got the iphone 30x

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